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Noun1.feeblemindedness - severe mental deficiency
mental defectiveness, abnormality - retardation sufficient to fall outside the normal range of intelligence
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The influence of eugenics on social welfare reports on evacuation was often seen in suggestions that the relationship between poverty, poor health, and lack of cleanliness was caused by the irresponsibility and feeblemindedness of the poor.
private secretary and close associate, instructing that the moral and political behavior of a person be considered in making a diagnosis of feeblemindedness.
Some states additionally passed legislation restricting the ability of people with feeblemindedness and other disabilities to marry, and many early supporters of birth control also touted this as a method of eugenic control (Sanger, 1922).
261, Hunter lists various diseases that are allegedly inherited, including tuberculosis, epilepsy, and feeblemindedness, "which it is not only unfair but criminal to hand down to posterity.
Titles included "Sterilization and Criminal Heredity," (104) "Eugenics and the Criminal Law," (105) and "Eugenics and Feeblemindedness.
In Oklahoma, the measure signed by governor "Alfalfa Bill" Murray in 1931 sought to sterilize all persons housed in facilities supported by public funds, including asylums and prisons, who were "afflicted with hereditary forms of insanity" as well as "idiocy, imbecility, feeblemindedness, or epilepsy.
Theories of market economics would assume such behavior to be indicative of feeblemindedness or irrationality, but the ubiquitousness of volunteerism requires inquiry into the philosophical, sociological, and psychological bases for decisions to undertake demanding work for free.