feed grain

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Noun1.feed grain - grain grown for cattle feedfeed grain - grain grown for cattle feed    
feed, provender - food for domestic livestock
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Tenders are invited for Tender For Feed Grain Last Date 12.
The report went on to say that experts estimate the shortage of feed grain in these provinces at 7 to 8 MMT.
meters to farmers who raise two or three crops a year of wheat, soybean and feed grain, with the aim of making utilization of farmland more efficient, they said.
Millet: Its value as a feed grain is not well documented.
If feed grain becomes scarce, he says, the price will go up, and China will no longer buy it on world markets, thus easing the stress on production.
A: Feed grain is produced using large quantities of fertilizer in giant fields where you often have soil erosion and groundwater contamination.
We buy most of the feed grain from Russia and Kazakhstan, and if we are in the common customs area, then I think we will see major changes.
47 million tons of feed grain, 2 million tons of barley, and 9.
Feed grain consumption is forecast to again decline in MY2010/11, the decline in availability of price competitive wheat -- exacerbated by the Russian export ban - outweighing the anticipated release of private grain stocks and of a significant volume of barley from intervention.
While this currently does not seem to be affecting the wheat and feed grain markets due to shortages elsewhere in the EU, it is interfering with the region's ability to export malting barley.
You can feed grain in the litter in the chicken house, you can scatter it outside, or you can feed it in troughs or tube feeders.
Contract award: "supply of fodder and feed grain for the needs of yuzdp se".