feeding frenzy

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feed·ing frenzy

1. A period of intense or excited feeding, as by sharks.
2. Excited activity by a group, especially around a focal point: "The media swirled and boiled around the newlyweds in a kind of all-out feeding frenzy" (James Kaplan).

feeding frenzy

1. (Biology) a phenomenon in which aquatic predators, esp sharks, become so excited when eating that they attack each other
2. a period of intense excitement over or interest in a person or thing: the media erupt into a feeding frenzy.

feed′ing fren`zy

Slang. a ruthless attack on or exploitation of someone esp. by the media.
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In between, we explore coral reefs in daylight and at night, find ourselves in the middle of shark feeding frenzies and learn - not once, but in two ghastly instances - why those cute Free Willy critters are called killer whales.
Our goal is to check out the aisles of seasonal merchandise, not to buy anything, of course, but to see the remnants of shoppers' feeding frenzies and how they're displayed, or rather exhibited: nothing on the shelves, everything on the floor.
As a taxpayer, I would like to see the increasing amount of money taken off me to go to the firemen (yes, they do deserve pounds 30,000 per annum) rather than see it disappear down John Prescott's throat when he is on one of his freebie feeding frenzies.