feeding frenzy

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feed·ing frenzy

1. A period of intense or excited feeding, as by sharks.
2. Excited activity by a group, especially around a focal point: "The media swirled and boiled around the newlyweds in a kind of all-out feeding frenzy" (James Kaplan).

feeding frenzy

1. (Biology) a phenomenon in which aquatic predators, esp sharks, become so excited when eating that they attack each other
2. a period of intense excitement over or interest in a person or thing: the media erupt into a feeding frenzy.

feed′ing fren`zy

Slang. a ruthless attack on or exploitation of someone esp. by the media.
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THE team filming BBC hit Blue Planet II fled in panic as sharks swarmed a shoot in a feeding frenzy.
Farm manager Ali Geddes said: "We'd noticed a lot of activity around the southern part of the farm - there seemed to be a real feeding frenzy going on with the dolphins and porpoises.
com)-- Funding Feeding Frenzy announces the details of its Sept.
The occasion for this great feeding frenzy is that this year will be the 400th anniversary of the birth of the Bard's birth.
Jeremy Clarkson saying he rejected an unnamed BBC executive's request that he should return to Top Gear "A feeding frenzy of mob-rule selfrighteousness" Professor Richard Dawkins on the resignation from a university post of scientist Sir Tim Hunt, for saying that women in the laboratory were a distraction
The feeding frenzy caught in film is a unique occurrence, according to senior fisheries biologist at the state of Massachusetts, Gregory Skomal.
Elizabeth says that she almost reconsidered acting as a career back in 2004, when the media had a weeks-long feeding frenzy over rumors of Mary Kate's anorexia.
It is the motoring public - which I include myself in this - getting into a feeding frenzy.
He will be hoping the pic will head off a feeding frenzy as photographs try to snap them sunning themselves in Barbados.
IT'S been a weird campaign what with "bigot" bungles, Elvis impersonators, and Peppa Pig getting roasted in a media feeding frenzy.
Images of Leon Deschamps reaching out and patting a deadly tiger shark in the middle of a feeding frenzy while sitting on the whale were taken, hoping they would bust "myths" about the sharks being blood-thirsty, man-eating monsters.
Other microscopic plankton, including the minute larvae of fish, shrimp and crabs, and the little copepods on which they feed, peak in abundance, kicking off a feeding frenzy up and down the food chain.