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Raw material or fuel required for an industrial process.


(Industrial Relations & HR Terms) the main raw material used in the manufacture of a product


or feed′ stock`,

raw material for a processing or manufacturing industry.
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Noun1.feedstock - the raw material that is required for some industrial process
raw material, staple - material suitable for manufacture or use or finishing
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The company's ability to obtain local feedstock is the key to controlling the cost of producing biodiesel, said President and CEO Sydney Harland, who added that, consequently, Global Earth Energy plans "to establish relationships with local feedstock suppliers in North Carolina, a state with heavy concentrations of agriculture and meat processors.
Dow Responds to Surging Energy CostsThe Dow Chemical Company (NYSE: DOW ) announced today that since 1 June it has raised the price of all of its products by up to 20 percent - depending on their exposure to rising energy, feedstock and transportation costs - and will review all terms to all customers.
To achieve this goal, significant and immediate national investments are needed, along with changes in policy, to address the agronomic, economic, and environmental challenges limiting the sustainable biomass feedstock production and use.
Under the terms of the agreement, Lehigh will host a crumb rubber feedstock processing facility at MTR's Jackson, Ga.
It takes 1-2 cows, 5-8 pigs, or 4 adult humans to supply adequate daily feedstock for a single-household biodigester, according to a UNDP--Global Environment Facility fact sheet.
SDK) will modify its ethylene plant at the Oita Petrochemical Complex to increase the use of non-naphtha feedstock to a maximum of 50% of the total requirement.
This agreement also provides NOVA Chemicals more feedstock flexibility for our Joffre facility and enhances its competitive advantage.
Risk exposures: Changes in local, state and federal environmental regulations, litigation risk, asbestos related liability risk, volatility in feedstock and energy costs
Contributing factors: PE resin demand has been increasing, but suppliers have not improved their thin profit margins due to continued upward pressure from feedstock costs, particularly natural gas.
The city plans to develop a biodiesel facility that will utilize biofuels developed through feedstock, such as canola, says Paul Graham, public works manager for the City of Greater Sudbury.
But the plant was switched to gas as feedstock in 1988.