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Raw material or fuel required for an industrial process.


(Industrial Relations & HR Terms) the main raw material used in the manufacture of a product


or feed′ stock`,

raw material for a processing or manufacturing industry.
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Noun1.feedstock - the raw material that is required for some industrial process
raw material, staple - material suitable for manufacture or use or finishing
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TEHRAN -- Iran aims to use gas as feedstock instead of fuels like mazut to generate power by March 2018, Financial Tribune reported on Saturday.
Summary: Norilsk Nickel has reported an unexpectedly weak 1Q17 trading update, with a 5% fall in own nickel production and a 17-28% YoY decline in palladium/platinum output, affected by the slow ramp-up of downstream facilities and also the high dilution in processing its depleting pyrrhotite concentrate feedstock at Polar division.
UKPRwire, Thu Feb 16 2017] The value of Global Nylon Feedstock And Fibers Market is projected to grow with a CAGR of 2.
Depending on the type of producer, the feedstock type will vary as, typically, producers are categorised as 'integrated' by using Naphtha or Crude Oil as feedstock, or 'non-integrated' by buying C3 (propylene) on a spot or contract basis as a feedstock.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Director of Production Control at the National Petrochemical Company (NPC) Ali-Mohammad Bosaqzadeh says following the increase in production of South Pars phase developments in the winter, the ethane feedstock of petrochemical facilities will rise during the season.
Department of Agriculture (USDA) Commodity Credit Corporation announced today that it does not expect to purchase and sell sugar under the Feedstock Flexibility Program for fiscal year 2017.
It is partial oxidation of the feedstock in a controlled manner
First and foremost, the US' much-talked about shale oil renaissance has flooded the US market with abundant supplies of cheap feedstock (ethane).
Meanwhile, the UAE's dominant ethane feedstock will struggle to compete with falling oil-derived naphtha feedstock used by rivals in Asia and Europe.
This rapid manufacturing process consists in mixing metallic or ceramic powder with molten polymeric binder to obtain a feedstock which is injected into a mold cavity to produce parts with complex shape.
Fraczak and Samardakiewicz have developed smaller, efficient systems consisting of feedstock extruders, thermolysis reactors, external circulation loops, and product collecting systems.
Galaxy Resources reported that its lithium carbonate plant in China's Jiangsu province has successfully undergone a planned maintenance shutdown period, during which the "front end" of the plant was modified to enable lithium carbonate production from higher grade spodumene feedstock supply from alternative sources.