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Food for livestock; fodder.


(ˈfiːdˌstʌf) or


(Veterinary Science) any material used as a food, esp for animals



2. any substance used in or for feed.
[1855–60, Amer.]
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It was hypothesized that feeding a protein feedstuff with greater fiber content at adequate or low dietary CP level will negatively affect ileal AA digestibility in pigs.
The buyer, which engages in the production and trade of grains, oilseeds, feedstuff and agricultural inputs, expects to pay a total of EUR12.
He said that due to the lack of feedstuff reserves, large-scale butchering is observed today, which will continue till early the
Thirty grams of each feedstuff, mixed with 80 mL distilled water, was force-fed to birds, and 20 mL distilled water used to wash down particles adhering to the tube of the force-feeding apparatus.
15, saying that he considers it appropriate to impose a temporary ban on grain exports from Russia to check a rise in domestic grain prices and secure feedstuff for the country's livestock.
Early this year, Uni-President began tapping such market to sell aquacultural feedstuff through its affiliate in Vietnam.
There is a choice of two buffer systems available, both totally optimized for food and feedstuff analysis including an accelerated buffer system for high sample throughput labs.
Agricultural machinery, equipment, accessories, spare parts, irrigation and drainage systems, machinery and equipment for the food industry, plant protection and fertilizers, seed and plant production, horticulture, fruit-growing and vegetable gardening, livestock farming and breeding, horse breeding and equestrian sport, feedstuff production, veterinary medicine, fish farming, hunting and forestry, agricultural sciences and education, production of biomass fuel, renewable and alternative energies, and food and drinks constituted the thematic areas of the fair.
We will be taking about 700 food and animal feedstuff samples over the year.
The goal of the laboratories is to give the nutritionist a sense of the value of the feedstuff in terms of meeting animal nutrient requirements.
The high-resolution double focusing magnetic sector GC/MS (DFS) offers environmental contract laboratories and governmental authorities monitoring food, feedstuff, and environmental samples high quality analyses at a reasonable cost.