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in a manner where the feet come first



with the feet foremost.
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Adv.1.feetfirst - with the feet foremost; "he jumped into the pool feetfirst"
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Many people captured photos of buried cars while others filmed themselves jumping feetfirst into very deep snow.
Think twice before you jump feetfirst into that aquarium.
In The Couch, a little-known video from 1973, we watch the artist force his body through a sofa feetfirst, only to emerge out the backside in a kind of birthing episode.
He came down feetfirst at like 100 mph," the New York Daily News quoted a witness Andrew Petrocelli as saying.
As James had already made two feetfirst saves as German eyes lit up at a clear sight of goal, it seemed there was no way back for a team being outmanoeuvred.
I tried to get in a position where I could land feetfirst but I couldn't.
The Irishman did save from Giggs and then twice from Rooney, but in truth they were routine efforts, even the near post feetfirst block after England's teenage striker had stepped inside Jean-Alain Boumsong.
Almost all come in feetfirst, or the family brings them in because they are disoriented," said Dr.
Ospreys, unlike pelicans and many other fish-eating birds, dive feetfirst and so have to nab fish swimming near the surface or in shallow water.