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adj. feist·i·er, feist·i·est
1. Full of spirit or determination; plucky or spunky: "Feisty, smart, and courageous child protagonists ... populate [her] fictional world" (Carolyn L. Shute). See Note at andiron.
2. Quarrelsome or aggressive: "A bunch of guys got tipsy ... One of them got feisty and starting swinging punches at the others" (Didi Emmons).

[From feist.]

feist′i·ness n.


the quality or extent of being feisty
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I admired her courage, steadfastness and feistiness, as she pushed on through the opposition year after year.
Even when she's bedridden, Mama Nena has not lost her feistiness.
Jorgensen, "but, two hundred years after her death, there are no other novels of her life that capture her feistiness, her struggles against society, her romances, and her caustic wit.
Sylvia Bolfe sits in her nursing home, criticizes the food and the staff (all but her trusted confidant and registered nurse, Eleanor) and with humor and feistiness recounts her turbulent life.
Despite Renato's rage at his attaining the unhappy status of widower, his feistiness is sensed along with a feeling that book will, if not end happily, at least conclude with Renato's somewhat triumphant re-emergence back into life, albeit on an uncharted path.
A white pepper feistiness tickles the mouth amid a fruit flurry.
Unlike other prisoners who thought their best chance of getting out alive was to be docile and repentant, Yvonne took feistiness to a new level, insulting and swearing at the Taliban guards.
Although it was only a friendly, Kozak's feistiness when he was denied a penalty and in a late altercation with his marker highlighted a desire to make up for lost time.
He praises the beauty, elegance and feistiness of their women.
Ahlam's, ahem, feistiness, hasn't exactly endeared her to fellow judge Lebanese superstar Nancy Ajram, either.
That conversation lit up social media with remarks about the artist's feistiness and the interviewer's obtrusively bare ankles.