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adj. feist·i·er, feist·i·est
1. Full of spirit or determination; plucky or spunky: "Feisty, smart, and courageous child protagonists ... populate [her] fictional world" (Carolyn L. Shute). See Note at andiron.
2. Quarrelsome or aggressive: "A bunch of guys got tipsy ... One of them got feisty and starting swinging punches at the others" (Didi Emmons).

[From feist.]

feist′i·ness n.


the quality or extent of being feisty
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Although it was only a friendly, Kozak's feistiness when he was denied a penalty and in a late altercation with his marker highlighted a desire to make up for lost time.
Helena-May Harrison is simply wonderful as hopeless romantic Charity and she strikes the perfect balance between feistiness and vulnerability.
He praises the beauty, elegance and feistiness of their women.
Ahlam's, ahem, feistiness, hasn't exactly endeared her to fellow judge Lebanese superstar Nancy Ajram, either.
A crackling atmosphere inside the Amex Stadium was matched by the feistiness of the tackles on the pitch in the first 10 minutes.
It is a position which calls for a good dollop of feistiness in rebuttal and a large measure of diplomatic tact and cajoling, building media credentials through acknowledging obvious failings and policy shortcomings, responding thoughtfully, tactically and tactfully.
They all have their moments, but I particularly enjoyed Isobel's feistiness as Scrooge's niece and as the Ghost of Christmas Present.
But what they lack in size, they more than make up for in cuteness and feistiness.
Like her basketball moves, the spitfire point guard will look to add feistiness and some to this Spurs' ballclub.
India's 100 came from 28 overs as the wicket lost its early feistiness in the late afternoon sun.
Only 40 minutes it may have been, but a combination of good writing and performances to match (particularly on the part of Alex Tahnee who did a great job conveying Kayleigh's equal measures of feistiness and vulnerability) had me wondering whether or not they caught the train as I drove back to Newcastle.