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 (fĕld-spăth′ĭk, fĕl-)
Of, relating to, or containing feldspar.

[feldspath (obsolete variant of feldspar, from obsolete German Feldspath, feldspar; see feldspar) + -ic.]


(fɛldˈspæθ ɪk, fɛl-, ˈfɛld spæθ-, ˈfɛl-)

pertaining to or containing feldspar.
[1825–35; < German Feldspat(h) (see feldspar)]
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Near the coast the rough lava is quite bare: in the central and higher parts, feldspathic rocks by their decomposition have produced a clayey soil, which, where not covered by vegetation, is stained in broad bands of many bright colours.
Above 1100[grados]C, reflections of the feldspathic (microcline) phase are no longer evident, possibly due to melting of the phase.
0 m is hosted in tonalite displaying patchy albite-actinolite alteration and quartz veinlets with feldspathic selvages.
Then he presents case studies of rehabilitation with pressed feldspathic porcelain veneers without preparation and with minimal preparation, with stratified feldspathic porcelain veneers on a refractory die without preparation, complex rehabilitation with lithium disilicate veneers and pressed metal-ceramic crowns, and complex rehabilitation with lithium disilicate.
The Turonian Eze-Aku Formation is exposed within 2-3kms southeast of the main mineralization centers in the study area and is composed of dark gray carbonaceous shales which grade further south into a series of highly indurated feldspathic sandstones.
1) include mafic flows and tuffs of the Long Reach Formation and conformably overlying, fine-grained, feldspathic sandstone, siltstone, dacitic flows, and minor mafic tuffs of the Jones Creek Formation.
2 Previously used ceramics such as feldspathic porcelain had low mechanical strength due to which it was only indicated for anterior regions of the dental arches and had survival rate significantly lower than the gold standard metal ceramic prosthesis.
12, 13] Therefore, the purpose of the present study was to determine the effect of repeated firings on the shear bond strength of feldspathic porcelain veneered to conventional cast base metal alloys.