Producing or intended to produce happiness.

[Latin fēlīx, fēlīc-, fortunate; see dhē(i)- in Indo-European roots + -fic.]


making or tending to make happy
[C19: from Latin fēlix happy + facere to make]


(ˌfi ləˈsɪf ɪk)

causing or tending to cause happiness.
[1860–65; < Latin fēlīc-, s. of fēlīx happy + -i- + -fic]
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This utilitarian argument is a classic example of a felicific calculus of the greatest good of the greatest number.
He referred to the effort to value the results of an act, whether positive or negative, as the felicific calculus.
Called either felicific calculus or moral arithmetic, a formula was developed which could serve as guide in any given choice or action.
116) Easterbrook concluded, that "[d]oubtless the first amendment differs from Bentham's felicific calculus"--in other words, one need not demonstrate a net societal positive to invoke its protections--"but a court should hesitate before extending an a [sic] historical reading of the Constitution in a way that injures the very audience that is supposed to benefit from free speech.
Bentham's felicific calculus, that policy should be concerned with the greatest happiness of the greatest number, gradually confined beauty to a preserve of elites.
They squeezed into the retort a lot of Madame Genlis's romances, Chesterfield's letters, (11) several moldy sententiae, canvases, (12) Italian roulades, a dozen new contredanses, several citations from Bentham's Felicific Calculus, (13) and distilled all that into a colorless soulless fluid.
But if some kind of very cruel crime becomes common, and none of the criminals can be caught, it might be highly expedient, as an example, to hang an innocent man, if a charge against him could be so framed that he were universally thought guilty; indeed this would only fail to be an ideal instance of utilitarian "punishment" because the victim himself would not have been so likely as a real felon to commit such a crime in the future; in all other respects it would be perfectly deterrent and therefore felicific.
Blake's critique of a mathematical, scientific generosity may also allude to Jeremy Bentham's utilitarian algorithm, the felicific calculus, that Bentham argued should be applied to moral and political judgments.
This is the philosophical core of the novel, where Mond speaks for Enlightenment civilization and the utilitarian felicific calculus, the Savage for Romantic Kultur, but also for primitivist barbarism.
with Kindness) the Felicific Calculus of Civil Procedure, 40 VAND.
The reflexive sociologist can "provide the felicific conditions which will facilitate open and frank communication.
There have been a few practical problems with this medical felicific calculus, but these have not been regarded as at least theoretically insuperable by those who would constrain the independence of the medical profession.