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Suppose 'm you take 'm me along canoe, washee-washee, me give 'm you fella boy two stick tobacco.
Suppose 'm you no like 'm five stick then you fella boy go to hell close up.
Big fella shark-fish, that fella leg stop 'm along him," the ancient grinned, exposing a horrible aperture of toothlessness for a mouth.
Me old fella boy too much," the one-legged Methuselah quavered.
That fella dog he belong big white marster along schooner .
One fella dog stop 'm along you," the steward whispered up.
You sing out, him fella brother belong you die too much," the white man went on in threatening tones.
Take um big fella look along Jessie," he commanded.
One fella schooner long way little bit," he announced.
Maybe Jessie, maybe other fella schooner," came the faltering admission.
This fella Bunster, him good fella you like too much?
Mauki did his work throughly, and the kanakas, hiding in their houses, heard the "big fella noise" that Bunster made and continued to make for an hour or more.