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A fine-grained, light-colored igneous rock, composed chiefly of feldspar and quartz.

fel·sit′ic (-sĭt′ĭk) adj.


(ˈfɛlsaɪt) or


(Geological Science) any fine-grained igneous rock consisting essentially of quartz and feldspar
[C18: fels(par) + -ite1]
felsitic adj


(ˈfɛl saɪt)

a dense fine-grained igneous rock consisting typically of feldspar and quartz, both of which may appear as phenocrysts.
[1785–95; fels (par) + -ite1]
fel•sit•ic (fɛlˈsɪt ɪk) adj.
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It can be grouped broadly into the following phases: 1) felsite, welded tuff, explosion breccia as extrusive phase, 2) granite/granite porphyry as intrusive phase, 3) ring dyke of quartz porphyry as dyke phase and, 4) Delhi quartzite, quartz mica schist as country rocks.
The 16 papers here discuss such matters as the felsite quarry complex of Northmaven in Scotland, new discoveries at the Mynydd Rhiw axehead production site, seamer axeheads in southern England, obsidian in the Near East during the Halaf period as a case study on why people use exotic raw material, interpreting evidence for prehistoric conflict, and ideology and context within the European flint-mining tradition.
Rare earth element deposits in inferred felsite intrusions.
John David Otte, 23, was speeding westbound on Felsite Street near 30th Street West, his 2005 Nissan Titan flipped and crashed into a dirt field behind the school, officials said.
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Referred to as the Charnela zone (Spanish for 'hinge') because of its location at the crest of the Rio Narcea anticline, the mineralisation occurs as a breccia consisting of skarn and jasperoid clasts in a clay matrix with strongly altered felsite porphyry dykes below a granite intrusive.
1968) The Rooiberg Felsite north of Middelburg and its relation to the layered sequence of the Bushveld Complex.
Perhaps we should associate the appearance of the felsite bar whetstone in Period sub-III with this development of polished slate.
The seams are virtually flat throughout the area, but are locally intruded by felsite domes, which reduce the overall reserve.
The vein swarm appears to be an orogenic system that is temporally, and possibly, genetically associated with felsite dikes and sills of probable Cretaceous age that intrude granodiorite bodies and phyllites of the Jurassic to Triassic Auld Lang Syne Group.