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Noun1.felt hat - a hat made of felt with a creased crownfelt hat - a hat made of felt with a creased crown
chapeau, hat, lid - headdress that protects the head from bad weather; has shaped crown and usually a brim
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I noticed a man bending over a chess-board, but could see only a large felt hat and a red beard.
The doctor recognized the man, with the felt hat and the objectionable beard, whose personal appearance had not impressed him favorably.
Although they may hesitate to acknowledge it, there are respectable Englishmen still left, who regard a felt hat and a beard as symbols of republican disaffection to the altar and the throne.
I tell you that, with your recklessness--for you have already been twice arrested by the shade in the felt hat, who did not know what you were doing in the cellars and took you to the managers, who looked upon you as an eccentric Persian interested in stage mechanism and life behind the scenes: I know all about it, I was there, in the office; you know I am everywhere--well, I tell you that, with your recklessness, they will end by wondering what you are after here.
After avoiding the commissary of police, a number of door-shutters and the firemen, after meeting the rat-catcher and passing the man in the felt hat unperceived, the viscount and I arrived without obstacle in the third cellar, between the set piece and the scene from the Roi de Lahore.
Laurie threw back his head, and laughed so heartily at this attack, that the felt hat fell off, and Jo walked on it, which insult only afforded him an opportunity for expatiating on the advantages of a rough-and-ready costume, as he folded up the maltreated hat, and stuffed it into his pocket.
Sara Stanley wore a smart new travelling suit and a blue felt hat with a white feather.
He also incorporates special topics like how to make a felt hat and what a fur trapper's life was like.
His is a cold and clever freedom, not earned night after night when that felt hat goes from hand to hand, each crease filled with coins that never, never will fill the empty square in that crumpled, brown cardboard.
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Wearing blinding bling and an over-sized floppy felt hat, Kim moved through the crowd with Kris protectively leading the way.
She remembers her very first hat; in fact, as she picks up a child's brown felt hat with ribbon ties and a matching hatband with streamers, "I know it was a little brown hat - I think this probably is it," she says.