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Noun1.female bonding - the formation of a close personal relationship between womenfemale bonding - the formation of a close personal relationship between women
bonding - a close personal relationship that forms between people (as between husband and wife or parent and child)
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Other important titles in this respect are Communities of Women: An Idea in Fiction (1978) and Women without Men: Female Bonding and The American Novel of the 1980s (1993), where Nina Auerbach and Donald J.
I also think the show could use more female bonding and empowerment as well.
SoA invites viewers to accept patriarchal ideologies under the auspices of matriarchal training and pseudo female bonding, and to find justification for disempowering practices through ideologies of the new momism.
Additionally, I will try to show that this play also offers a possible means of recovery from trauma through female bonding, illustrating the importance of female bonding in cases of gender violence and how women can reconcile themselves with their community.
She believes this type of female bonding is essential for women in business, "We've not been in the world of work for long, and we haven't supported each other because we've been fighting for our place.
Given that from antiquity to the early modern period, the "ideal" was a male-centered one, it is perhaps not so surprising that female friendship or female bonding is a subject scarcely broached in the literary or discursive realm, while historically based examples were unlikely to have been diligently recorded.
The female figure plays a prominent role in the artist's narrative, as she captured her in various ways to interpret almost anything-from weather disturbances like Bagyo and Ulan, to idyllic scenes revolving around recurring themes like mother and child, nature, women in period costumes and female bonding.
The woman who treats the whole thing like a joke, an exercise in female bonding with the abortion clinic staff?
There's a lot of female bonding in The Other Woman, bolstered by the most over-active soundtrack in recent memory ('Girls Just Want to Have Fun' is in there, of course).
But I do reject the notion that female bonding or resistance to patriarchy or gender crossing for the purposes of social or geographic mobility is sufficient to claim someone as part of the story.
Sandwiched in the Royal Court season between the lads of The Full Monty and Bouncers, Ladies Day is all about female bonding, with just a token gentleman cast member in Jack Lord who shows his versatility in halfa-dozen roles including factory factotum, sleazy TV racing pundit and a lonely jockey.