female bonding

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Noun1.female bonding - the formation of a close personal relationship between womenfemale bonding - the formation of a close personal relationship between women
bonding - a close personal relationship that forms between people (as between husband and wife or parent and child)
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Some of them examine representations of female bonding in dramas by Shakespeare, Jonson, Dekker and Webster, and the anonymous author of Swetnam the Woman-hater; some of them examine groupings of actual women such as London maidservants, the kinship circle of Elizabeth Ralegh, named and unnamed needlewomen, and the members of the religious community founded by Mary Ward; and some of them look at female authors such as Aphra Behn, Aemilia Lanyer, Diana Primrose, and Bathsua Makin.
Citing such critics as Teresa Soufas, Susan Paun de Garcia and Sharon Voros, Hegstrom illustrates the range of readings to which the play has given rise; from those who see it as a bold instance of female bonding to other readers who find the work to be ultimately inconclusive with respect to gender issues.
Female audiences could warm to these kooky and dysfunctional sisters,but even they might find the mawkish sentimentality and boisterous female bonding too sickly to swallow.
It was a moment of female bonding, sealed by a loud whoop my mother and I let out, fists in the air, when she told me that an Albuquerque woman shot her would-be rapist to death.
Williams and Gail Perry-Mason (coauthor of Girl, Make Your Money Grow, Broadway, 2003) state that the purpose of the book is to dispel the myth that women do not like each other, to increase female bonding and to offer wisdom from the seasoned generations to the younger sets.
Sometimes, they're great, perfect for an evening of female bonding over a bottle of red and some garlic bread.
Once there they find it's an exercise more in female bonding and self-discovery and they discover that they have more in common than they initially thought.
IT'S that time again when thousands of women descend upon Coventry's War Memorial Park; some in pink, some in fairy wings, many with amazement that they've made it to the day yet again, but all with determination and a feeling of female bonding.
Believe that alcohol facilitates female bonding (chi-square = 11.
Behind all this female bonding are very serious issues.
A heist film that's both hard to buy and not very interesting -- wow, they're usually one or the other, but rarely both -- this thing tries to fill in the empty spaces with female bonding.