female horse

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Noun1.female horse - female equine animalfemale horse - female equine animal      
Equidae, family Equidae - horses; asses; zebras; extinct animals
Equus caballus, horse - solid-hoofed herbivorous quadruped domesticated since prehistoric times
broodmare, stud mare - a female horse used for breeding
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Fetnat Al-Baidaa' won the most beautiful female horse for the 2-3 years old category, while the best male horse went to De Manaf.
A PERVERT who tried to have sex with a female horse was snared after pals recognised his huge ears in CCTV images issued by police.
The "beautiful" female horse, named Blaze, had to be put down following the attack in the New Pitsligo area of Aberdeenshire overnight on Sunday.
Every year, over 150 male and female horse riders of various nationalities travel across the seven emirates to spread awareness and hope.
Al-Meherzi said that the five-day event witnesses participation of 100 male and female horse riders from abroad and 10 male and female horse riders from the Sultanate.
What is the name usually given to a female horse under 24 months of age or in thoroughbred racing, under the age of five?
On the racetrack and in the stables, female horse riders are slowly gaining access to training and resources Huda Al-Harbi gently pats her horse's face as she grabs the reins and steers the animal towards the starting line of the track at the Military Academy ring in Sana'a.
What name is given to a female horse aged four or under?
With her hefty eight-figure sum, Havre De Grace fetched the thirdhighest price ever paid at auction for a female horse, behind only broodmares Better Than Honour ($14 million) and Playful Act ($10.
The festival concluded with the joint prosperity march of the male and female horse riders alongside with show of a carriage dragged by 32 horses.
1 To create a mule, a female horse donates 32 chromosomes and a male donkey donates 31.
Critics including Queensland's top female horse trainer, Gillian Heinrich, have slammed the Bikini Track Sprint as tacky and demeaning.