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Noun1.female person - a person who belongs to the sex that can have babiesfemale person - a person who belongs to the sex that can have babies
individual, mortal, person, somebody, someone, soul - a human being; "there was too much for one person to do"
female body - the body of a female human being
female offspring - a child who is female
female child, little girl, girl - a youthful female person; "the baby was a girl"; "the girls were just learning to ride a tricycle"
foster sister, foster-sister - your foster sister is a female who is not a daughter of your parents but who is raised by your parents
girl wonder - an extremely talented young female person
adult female, woman - an adult female person (as opposed to a man); "the woman kept house while the man hunted"
woman - a female person who plays a significant role (wife or mistress or girlfriend) in the life of a particular man; "he was faithful to his woman"
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My chosen utilization of mansplaining is when a male person assumes to have more knowledge about what it's like to be female than a female person does.
The brochure, prepared by the Religion Teaching General Directorate of the Education Ministry, includes a visual with the mahrams of a man and woman listed around an illustration of a male and female person.
The Two Spirit might be a genetically male person who assumed the dress and duties of a female person.
And so to ironing, and to the question that sparked many a non-screen debate, namely, female person, would YOU iron a man's shirts?
A man in prison may be more inclined to report abuse by a female person of authority than a male because of the stigma that goes with being sexually abused by a man," says Glenn E.
Sheikha Moza Bint Nasser, Head of the Administrative Council of Qatar Institution for Education, Sciences and Social Development, the wife of Qatari Prince Sheikh Hamad Bin Khalifa Al-Thani, was elected the Female Person of 2010 in the Arab world, while Lebanese Central Bank Governor, Riad Salameh, was chosen the Economic Person of 2010 for four consecutive times.
If Kipp was a human female person and not an androgynous website, we'd be where the Russian super rich are, angling for a wedding ring.
It is possible that the "her" in line 6 could be the female person the singer himself once was, and that the "their" in line 9 is a conflation of the former female and the current male self.
0) Items of Expenditure Male Female Person Doctors fee 972.
The charges alleged that between January 1 and October 26 2005, she "made an unwarranted demand for pounds 20,000 on the female person, with menaces".
A Northumbria Police spokesman added: "One female person, aged 27, has been arrested on suspicion of arson with intent to endanger life and is in custody helping police with their enquiries.
The judge also passed an order u for 10 years u for Harman not to enter dwellings unless he knows at least one person living inside and must not 'observe or seek to observe any female person of any age in the process of changing her clothes, in any place'.

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