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A person whose beliefs and behavior are based on feminism.
Relating to feminism.

fem′i·nis′tic adj.


another word for feminist2
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When Simon Nishikanta, huge and gross as in the flesh he was and for ever painting delicate, insipid, feministic water- colours, when he threw his deck-chair at Scraps for clumsily knocking over his easel, he found the ham-like hand of Grimshaw so instant and heavy on his shoulder as to whirl him half about, almost fling him to the deck, and leave him lame-muscled and black-and-blued for days.
Razumov refer mentally to the popular expounder of a feministic conception of social state), "as to him, for all his cunning he too shall speak out some day.
The letter is a feministic lamentation of societal disdain for women.
Embroidering various aspects from feministic approaches and from a post pioneering nostalgia, Hemingway turned into creating a halo of manhood, masking, in fact, its dependency on "softening influence of women through training, discipline, death or other causes.
I also come from a feministic epistemological background, so I want to expand feminist concerns with materiality, the relationship between the mind and body, and the historical relationship between knowledge, power relations, and sexual and racial politics, and, finally, with population and its control and production through different media technologies and epistemologies.
As one critic complained, Ferber "seems to feel men are only excess baggage in her tidy little feministic world.
If it can be said that Tagwira sometimes argues from a feministic viewpoint, there is a need to explore this view point to see if it is in line with Western feminism or if it is in line with African feminism.
For those looking for something with a classic feministic take on gender issues, Pucca's writings could prove to be dry and lacking in refinement.
Instead of a feministic approach to a breakup, the song appeared to be a childish and futile attempt at being clever.
From the Western feministic perspective, a veil is seen as a visible symbol of the subjugation of women, and therefore is heavily criticized.
Relationship power is not some feministic rebellion; it simply means the degree to which one party feels he or she can act independently of his or her partner's control, influencing the partner's actions and participate equally in decisionmaking.
I decided though to follow the term doing gender, while talking about the feministic side of my research, because it is the most suitable for my approach on this particular novel.