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a.1.Without a fence; uninclosed; open; unguarded; defenseless.
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The aggregated Soyle Death with his Mace petrific, cold and dry, As with a Trident smote, and fix't as firm As DELOS floating once; the rest his look Bound with GORGONIAN rigor not to move, And with ASPHALTIC slime; broad as the Gate, Deep to the Roots of Hell the gather'd beach They fasten'd, and the Mole immense wraught on Over the foaming deep high Archt, a Bridge Of length prodigious joyning to the Wall Immoveable of this now fenceless world Forfeit to Death; from hence a passage broad, Smooth, easie, inoffensive down to Hell.
A parson fenceless would mean a parson defenceless.
In reality it was the Winner Group Handicap over a fenceless mile and a quarter, but that did not stop Bridgwater ending up in the number-one spot with his winning hurdler and chaser Tempuran.
What was once a cattle and sheep farm almost entirely denuded of game is now a largely fenceless wilderness teeming with herds of plains game and mountains covered with the once-threatened antelope and zebra, the primary quarry for this hunt.
The paper on the invisible fence for biobots, "Towards Fenceless Boundaries for Solar Powered Insect Biobots," was presented Aug.
One morning last month, a 7-foot-tall bull camel roamed free in a fenceless pasture, uttering the occasional chewbacca-like call.
RE: "Outcry over 'open' fenceless design at kids' playground" (Telegraph, April 26).
Quinn's contribution is a translation of the short story "Bagh-e bi-hesar" (A Fenceless Garden) by Muhammad Zarrin, in recognition of Heshmat Moayyad's life-long interest in Persian short stories.