fender bender

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or fender bender (fĕn′dər-bĕn′dər)
n. Informal
A collision involving motor vehicles that results in minor damage.

fend′er bend`er

Informal. a collision between motor vehicles involving only minor damage.
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Some motorists on the highway between Tehran and Karaj to its west spent a grueling 10 hours to travel 42 kilometers (26 miles) as drifting snow and fender benders stranded thousands of commuters.
Earlier in the morning, multiple cars went off the road or were in fender benders on Interstate 89 in Grantham, Maslan said.
I know our traffic police are very busy attending the numerous fender benders that careless driving causes.
She first sparked concern when she was involved in a series of fender benders starting when she hit a cop car this past April.
35 fender benders occurred in Sofia in the last 24 hours with 2 people sustaining more serious injuries.
MOTORISTS are facing repair bills running into thousands of pounds after fender benders at speeds as low as 6mph - because their cars are fitted with bumpers that are too flimsy.
Oregon's rainy season began this year the way it always does, with a gang of fender benders as drivers smacked into other vehicles and slid into guardrails on newly slick roads.
The California Highway Patrol reported 210 accidents on Los Angeles County freeways and unincorporated surface streets, mostly rain-related fender benders, between midnight and 7 a.
While this skill has firmly planted her on the road to prosperity, she experienced a few fender benders before she learned it.
As a result, the hundreds of billions of dollars that Americans spend to cope with crime, the lawyers, and social breakdown costs, is all GDP--car crashes, fender benders in front of the Capitol.
It appears from the number of dilemmas voiced by officers concerning fender benders involving police cars that the police parking lot is an insurer's nightmare.
In anticipation of the busiest shopping time of the year, AAA offers tips to help mall-bound drivers avoid fender benders or injuries that could make them lose their holiday cheer.