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n. pl. fe·nes·trae (-trē′)
1. Anatomy A small anatomical opening, as in a bone.
2. An opening in a bone made by surgical fenestration.
3. Zoology A transparent spot or marking, as on the wing of a moth or butterfly.

[Latin, window.]

fe·nes′tral adj.


n, pl -trae (-triː)
1. (Biology) biology a small opening in or between bones, esp one of the openings between the middle and inner ears
2. (Zoology) zoology a transparent marking or spot, as on the wings of moths
3. (Architecture) architect a window or window-like opening in the outside wall of a building
[C19: via New Latin from Latin: wall opening, window]
feˈnestral adj


(fɪˈnɛs trə)

n., pl. -trae (-trē).
1. a small opening or perforation, as in a bone, esp. either of the two oval openings between the middle and inner ears.
2. a transparent spot in an otherwise opaque surface, as in the wings of certain butterflies and moths.
[1820–30; < New Latin; Latin fenestra window, hole (in a wall)]
fe•nes′tral, adj.
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Noun1.fenestra - a small opening covered with membrane (especially one in the bone between the middle and inner ear)
orifice, porta, opening - an aperture or hole that opens into a bodily cavity; "the orifice into the aorta from the lower left chamber of the heart"
ear - the sense organ for hearing and equilibrium
fenestra of the vestibule, fenestra ovalis, fenestra vestibuli, oval window - fenestra that has the base of the stapes attached to it
otology - the branch of medicine concerned with the ear
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The mesial edge curves strongly round the orbital fenestra and this is further reflected in the convex lateral edge.
In the ventral part, all organisms had an anteroventral fenestra, while the posteroventral fenestra had different development degrees: well developed in U.
Manual techniques such as PBF microscopy and automated complete blood analysis (FBC) provide clinicians a good fenestra to evaluate anaemia in affected persons and both complement each other.
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2) Small fenestra or stapedotomy is developed by Shea 1962 in which fenestration is made in footplate of stapes and proper-sized Teflon piston is inserted between the long process of incus and fenestra.
1,7,8) The word fenestration is derived from the Latin word fenestra, meaning window, which describes how the defect clinically presents.
In this stage, the basicranial fenestra is small and separated from the pituitary fossa by the crista sellaris.
caraca; 7) fenestra narrower with an anterior prolongation in T maacki while broader in T caraca; 8) uncus shorter in T.
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