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A small nocturnal fox (Vulpes zerda syn. Fennecus zerda) of desert regions of northern Africa, having fawn-colored fur and large pointed ears.

[Arabic fanak.]


(Animals) a very small nocturnal fox, Fennecus zerda, inhabiting deserts of N Africa and Arabia, having pale fur and enormous ears
[C18: from Arabic fenek fox]


(ˈfɛn ɛk)

a small large-eared desert fox, Fennecus zerda, of N Africa and Arabia.
[1780–90; < Arabic fanak < Persian]
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the contract is for the construction of large tours on helicopters AS555 Fennec type whose serial numbers: no5431, no5444, no5386, no5391 for which the state will provide All spare-serialized serviceable whatever the unit amount-All other spare parts for a unit price strictly greater than 2 000 EUR HT (the reference price will be set at the market).
Rockwell Collins is under contract with Helibras to deliver avionics and communications for the Panther, Fennec, Cougar and EC-725 platforms.
Contract award: factory repair of systems, the bundeswehr, vt fennec fox.
Contract notice: Running periodic visits (vp) of 2 fennec as555 type helicopters of the french army stationed in guyana (s / n 5466, s / n 5526).
The 26-year-old, who scored the goal that put his side through to the knockout stages, insisted progress is within reach for the Fennec Foxes.
The Bosnian has overseen a remarkable campaign with the Fennec Foxes that sees them likely to need a point against Fabio Capello's side to seal a surprise qualification for the next round.
This is a very good example of how Eurocopter and GAL continue to meet the daily operational needs of the Joint Aviation Command, ensuring efficient and effective fleet maintenance of the Ecureuil, Fennec, Dauphin, Panther and Super Puma helicopters operated in the Emirates.
The defender scored the only goal of the game shortly after the restart after a goalmouth scramble to send the Fennec Foxes through.
La liste renferme la tortue de mer egyptienne, le faucon des sauterelles, le fennec, le chat des montagnes, le chat des sables, le perpallidus, ainsi que d'autres especes d'oiseaux et de plantes.
The Fennec Foxes are ranked as the second-best team in Africa and there is a determined mood coming from the camp.
To meet the Arab world's requirements for highly-capable multi-role military helicopters, Eurocopter's Fennec AS550 is a proven aircraft suited for extremely hot climates and high altitudes.