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also feoff·er  (fĕf′ər, fē′fər)
n. Law
One who grants a feoffment.
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El terrateniente que hacia la transmision se llamaba feoffor, los que la recibian se llamaban feoffees to use o simplemente feoffees; el beneficiario se llamaba cestui que use [cestui a que use le feoffment fuit fait].
The feoffee, however, was not under any legal obligation to the feoffor.
In the medieval world it thus made no sense to anthropomorphize a territorial unit that could one day be ruled by a prince from Aragon and the next by a Burgundian duke; a territorial unit that might be the fiefdom of a ruler who, in a different territorial setting, was the feoffor of the very prince of which he was feoffee in the former.