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 (fûr′mē-ŏn′, fĕr′-)
Any of a class of particles having a spin that is half an odd integer and obeying the exclusion principle, by which no more than one identical particle may occupy the same quantum state. The fermions include the baryons, quarks, and leptons.

[After Enrico Fermi.]


(Nuclear Physics) any of a group of elementary particles, such as a nucleon, that has half-integral spin and obeys Fermi-Dirac statistics. Compare boson
[C20: named after Enrico Fermi; see -on]


(ˈfɜr miˌɒn, ˈfɛər-)

any elementary particle, as a neutron, proton, or electron, that is subject to the exclusion principle and whose spin is half an odd integer: ½, 3/2, etc.
[1945–50; fermi + (mes) on]
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Noun1.fermion - any particle that obeys Fermi-Dirac statistics and is subject to the Pauli exclusion principle
baryon, heavy particle - any of the elementary particles having a mass equal to or greater than that of a proton and that participate in strong interactions; a hadron with a baryon number of +1
lepton - an elementary particle that participates in weak interactions; has a baryon number of 0
subatomic particle, particle - a body having finite mass and internal structure but negligible dimensions
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TEHRAN (FNA)- An international team of researchers has predicted the existence of a new type of particle called the type-II Weyl fermion in metallic materials.
The newly discovered particle, known as a Weyl fermion, resembles a massless electron that darts around and through the material in unusual and exciting ways, physicists report online July 16 in Science.
and a free fermion [psi](t, x) satisfies the Dirac equation
The researchers analyzed the data gathered at the LHC between 2011 and 2012, combining the Higgs decays into bottom quarks and tau leptons, both of which belong to the fermion particle group and the results revealed that an accumulation of these decays comes about at a Higgs particle mass near 125 gigaelectron volts (GeV) and with a significance of 3.
The final body chapter explores applications and analogies in other areas of science, including finite fermion systems, astrophysical nucleation, atmospheric aerosol condensation, and medical imaging and therapy.
As Close puts it: "A far more practical approach, as we have done, is to focus on elementary fermion particles that are not transient, but fundamentally maintained in stable reality existence, like the quarks and electrons in the hydrogen atom.
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Since this differs from 1 by a Q-exact term, the regularization is independent of the choice of the fermion [chi].
3] heavy fermion system, adjusting the dimensionality in a controllable fashion (Science 2010, 327, 980).
Heavy fermion behavior--where electrons behave as if they weigh 1,000 times or more their actual mass--is one of the most fascinating examples of these phenomena.