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An iron-containing protein present in green plants and certain anaerobic bacteria that functions in electron transport reactions in biochemical processes, such as photosynthesis.


(Biology) an iron- and sulphur-containing protein found in plants and microorganisms and involved in photosynthesis and nitrogen fixation


(ˌfɛr əˈdɒk sɪn)

any of a group of red-brown proteins containing iron and sulfur and acting as an electron carrier during photosynthesis, nitrogen fixation, or oxidation-reduction reactions.
[1962; < Latin fer(rum) iron + redox + -in1]
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Metronidazole resistance in the protozoan parasite Entamoeba histolytica is associated with increased expression of iron-containing superoxide dismutase and peroxiredoxin and decreased expression of ferredoxin 1 and flavin reductase.
Siroheme and an iron-sulfur cluster aid in catalysis, and in photosynthetic tissues, ferredoxin serves as the electron donor.
1960s: Lycra(R) spandex fiber, Nomex(R) advanced fibers, the first cell-free biological extract capable of fixing atmospheric nitrogen, ferredoxin (a biological electron-transfer agent), and plastic fiber optics were developed.