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1. A metal ring or cap placed around a pole or shaft for reinforcement or to prevent splitting.
2. A bushing used to secure a pipe joint.

[Alteration (influenced by Latin ferrum, iron) of Middle English verrele, from Old French virole, from Latin viriola, little bracelet, diminutive of viriae, bracelets; see wei- in Indo-European roots.]

fer′rule v.


(ˈfɛruːl; -rəl) or


1. (Mechanical Engineering) a metal ring, tube, or cap placed over the end of a stick, handle, or post for added strength or stability or to increase wear
2. (Mechanical Engineering) a side opening in a pipe that gives access for inspection or cleaning
3. (Mechanical Engineering) a bush, gland, small length of tube, etc, esp one used for making a joint
(Mechanical Engineering) (tr) to equip (a stick, etc) with a ferrule
[C17: from Middle English virole, from Old French virol, from Latin viriola a little bracelet, from viria bracelet; influenced by Latin ferrum iron]


(ˈfɛr əl, -ul)

1. a ring, cap, or sleeve, usu. of metal, put around the end of a post, cane, tool, or the like, to prevent splitting.
2. a bushing or adapter holding the end of a tube and inserted into a hole in a plate in order to make a tight fit.
[1605–15; alter. of verrel, verril, late Middle English virole < Middle French < Latin viriola=viri(a) bracelet + -ola -ole1]


Past participle: ferruled
Gerund: ferruling

I ferrule
you ferrule
he/she/it ferrules
we ferrule
you ferrule
they ferrule
I ferruled
you ferruled
he/she/it ferruled
we ferruled
you ferruled
they ferruled
Present Continuous
I am ferruling
you are ferruling
he/she/it is ferruling
we are ferruling
you are ferruling
they are ferruling
Present Perfect
I have ferruled
you have ferruled
he/she/it has ferruled
we have ferruled
you have ferruled
they have ferruled
Past Continuous
I was ferruling
you were ferruling
he/she/it was ferruling
we were ferruling
you were ferruling
they were ferruling
Past Perfect
I had ferruled
you had ferruled
he/she/it had ferruled
we had ferruled
you had ferruled
they had ferruled
I will ferrule
you will ferrule
he/she/it will ferrule
we will ferrule
you will ferrule
they will ferrule
Future Perfect
I will have ferruled
you will have ferruled
he/she/it will have ferruled
we will have ferruled
you will have ferruled
they will have ferruled
Future Continuous
I will be ferruling
you will be ferruling
he/she/it will be ferruling
we will be ferruling
you will be ferruling
they will be ferruling
Present Perfect Continuous
I have been ferruling
you have been ferruling
he/she/it has been ferruling
we have been ferruling
you have been ferruling
they have been ferruling
Future Perfect Continuous
I will have been ferruling
you will have been ferruling
he/she/it will have been ferruling
we will have been ferruling
you will have been ferruling
they will have been ferruling
Past Perfect Continuous
I had been ferruling
you had been ferruling
he/she/it had been ferruling
we had been ferruling
you had been ferruling
they had been ferruling
I would ferrule
you would ferrule
he/she/it would ferrule
we would ferrule
you would ferrule
they would ferrule
Past Conditional
I would have ferruled
you would have ferruled
he/she/it would have ferruled
we would have ferruled
you would have ferruled
they would have ferruled
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Noun1.ferrule - a metal cap or band placed on a wooden pole to prevent splitting
cap - something serving as a cover or protection


[ˈferuːl] Nregatón m, contera f


n (of umbrella, cane)Zwinge f, → Ring m


[ˈfɛruːl] npuntale m
References in classic literature ?
Davis had declared limes a contraband article, and solemnly vowed to publicly ferrule the first person who was found breaking the law.
I believe it did, sir; does the ferrule stand, sir?
The thick-iron ferrule is worn down, so it is evident that he has done a great amount of walking with it.
This umbrella,' said Mr Lillyvick, producing a fat green cotton one with a battered ferrule.
So, grasping her umbrella by its ferrule, she leant over the area and tapped at the dining-room window.
Halloa, Bill, old man,' he said, prodding him amiably in the waistcoat with the ferrule of the umbrella.
Captain Boldwig was a little fierce man in a stiff black neckerchief and blue surtout, who, when he did condescend to walk about his property, did it in company with a thick rattan stick with a brass ferrule, and a gardener and sub-gardener with meek faces, to whom (the gardeners, not the stick) Captain Boldwig gave his orders with all due grandeur and ferocity; for Captain Boldwig's wife's sister had married a marquis, and the captain's house was a villa, and his land 'grounds,' and it was all very high, and mighty, and great.
Kevin envisioned ferrule slots that pulled tight against the sides of the blade as the tip screwed down on the head.
Choose from three styles of clamps as well as numerous ferrule configurations - some ferrules are manufactured to ASME SA479, (required in some welding applications).
Savora broadheads were known for durability, and these new heads will impress with their blade/tip alignment, ferrule scalloping, sharpness, flight characteristics, and machining quality.
Comprised of the proven US Conec MT Elite[R] ferrule technology, the MTP-16(TM) connector hardware is ideal for structured cabling applications supporting parallel or duplex links that require low insertion loss," stated Ms.