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A boat used to ferry passengers, vehicles, or goods.


(ˈfɛr iˌboʊt)

a boat used to transport passengers, vehicles, etc., across a river or the like.
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Noun1.ferryboat - a boat that transports people or vehicles across a body of water and operates on a regular scheduleferryboat - a boat that transports people or vehicles across a body of water and operates on a regular schedule
boat - a small vessel for travel on water
car-ferry - a ferry that transports motor vehicles


[ˈfɛribəʊt] nferry m, ferry-boat mferry company ncompagnie f de ferryferry crossing ntraversée f en ferryferry operator ncompagnie f de ferryferry port nport m de ferryferry terminal nterminal m de ferry, terminal m de ferries
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Raoul did not doubt this was the gentleman and his escort; he called out to him, but they were too distant to be heard; then, in spite of the weariness of his beast, he made it gallop but the rising ground soon deprived him of all sight of the travelers, and when he had again attained a new height, the ferryboat had left the shore and was making for the opposite bank.
cried Olivain, "the rope which holds the ferryboat has broken and the boat is drifting.
There were a great many skiffs rowing about or floating with the stream in the neighborhood of the ferryboat, but the boys could not determine what the men in them were doing.
As twilight drew on, the ferryboat went back to her accustomed business and the skiffs disappeared.
And there was the ferryboat full of people floating along down.
The ferryboat was floating with the current, and I allowed I'd have a chance to see who was aboard when she come along, because she would come in close, where the bread did.
The party crossed the Hudson in the Jersey City ferryboat, and drove in a carriage to the St.
They passed a ferryboat, and the passengers on the upper deck crowded to one side to watch them.
Dad sez he wouldn't trust a ferryboat within five mile o' you," Dan howled cheerfully.
The ponies took their places in the ferryboat which was kept for the passage of animals to and from the island.
I got into the first coach with three companions; the rest bestowed themselves in the other vehicles; two large baskets were made fast to the lightest; two large stone jars in wicker cases, technically known as demi-johns, were consigned to the 'least rowdy' of the party for safe-keeping; and the procession moved off to the ferryboat, in which it was to cross the river bodily, men, horses, carriages, and all, as the manner in these parts is.
After the satisfaction of his nights, a morning's sleep, and a breakfast of Lee Sing's, James Ward crossed the bay to San Francisco on a midday ferryboat and went to the club and on to his office, as normal and conventional a man of business as could be found in the city.