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v. fer·ried, fer·ry·ing, fer·ries
1. Nautical
a. To transport (people, vehicles, or goods) by boat across a body of water such as a river or bay.
b. To cross (a body of water) by a ferry.
a. To deliver (a vehicle, especially an aircraft) under its own power to its eventual user.
b. To transport (people or goods) by vehicle, especially by aircraft.
1. To cross a body of water on or as if on a ferry.
2. To move laterally in a fast-moving river, as in a canoe, by keeping one's boat at an angle to the direction of flow and paddling or rowing against the current.
n. pl. fer·ries
1. Nautical
a. A ferryboat.
b. A place where passengers or goods are transported across a body of water, such as a river or bay, by a ferryboat.
2. A franchise or legal right to operate a ferrying service for a fee.
3. A service and route for delivering an aircraft under its own power to its eventual user.

[Middle English ferien, from Old English ferian; see per- in Indo-European roots.]
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Noun1.ferrying - transport by boat or aircraftferrying - transport by boat or aircraft  
shipping, transport, transportation - the commercial enterprise of moving goods and materials
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Ogg the son of Beorl," says my private hagiographer, "was a boatman who gained a scanty living by ferrying passengers across the river Floss.
21, 1995--Due to the overwhelming success of recent tests in ferrying fans to Giants games from Tiburon, the Red & White Fleet (RWF) announced plans to provide scheduled ferry service to 3Com Park for 49er home games in Oct.