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1. Marked by great passion or zeal: a fervid patriot.
2. Extremely hot; burning.

[Latin fervidus, from fervēre, to boil; see bhreu- in Indo-European roots.]

fer′vid·ly adv.
fer′vid·ness n.
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Adv.1.fervidly - with passionate fervor; "both those for and against are fervently convinced they speak for the great majority of the people"; "a fierily opinionated book"
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A young lady of some birth and fortune, who knelt suddenly down on a brick floor by the side of a sick laborer and prayed fervidly as if she thought herself living in the time of the Apostles--who had strange whims of fasting like a Papist, and of sitting up at night to read old theological books
Far from abating the sordid and irreversible legacy of mining destruction, social displacement and other correlative shoddy consequences brought about by profligate mining operations, mining companies operating in the area are as fervidly posed to scrounge, fleece or even sack up to the hilt -- at the municipalities' rich mineral resources," the lady lawmaker lamented.
I would have thought it unnecessary to fervidly condemn these atrocious killings, since there can be no doubt as to their extreme brutality, but perhaps with the frenzy surrounding the war on terror it may be required.
how I loved that place so fervidly not a grassblade given me who soon
The story of the making--and breaking--of Webster's Third, including its publisher's momentous blunders (such as an error-ridden press release that seemingly endorsed the use of the word "ain't") and its critics' fervidly sarcastic critiques, is inherently entertaining, and this quality makes up for many of the book's faults.
NNA - 12/12/2011 - Hezbollah fervidly condemned on Monday the French Foreign Minister's accusations leveled against Syria and Hezbollah accusing both sides of mastering the attack which targeted UNIFIL peace keepers on Friday.
The fruits of its fervidly antichoice imagination are available on its website--without the context of its frequent scandals--for the casual Internet surfer.
Bought from Tattersalls for just 2,000 guineas as a yearling in 2006, the son of Starborough has a startling r ecord of 15 wins from 16 starts and is supported fervidly in his nation of residence.