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The climbing fire lit up their faces and threw its ruddy glare upon the pillared tree-trunks of their forest temple, and upon the varnished foliage and festooning vines.
The carpet - of Saxony material - is quite half an inch thick, and is of the same crimson ground, relieved simply by the appearance of a gold cord (like that festooning the curtains) slightly relieved above the surface of the ground, and thrown upon it in such a manner as to form a succession of short irregular curves - one occasionally overlaying the other.
It was not a shabby, dingy, dusty cart, but a smart little house upon wheels, with white dimity curtains festooning the windows, and window-shutters of green picked out with panels of a staring red, in which happily-contrasted colours the whole concern shone brilliant.
Glatfelter has inaugurated its newest festooning line at its Gatineau, Quebec Canada facility.
THE amount of litter I've noticed festooning slip road edges and roundabouts, in particular the slip road from the A1 to Blaydon and the Metrocentre, is absolutely terrible.
For applications that require festooning of cables, wires and hoses, the smooth gliding trolley combines with the arched saddle for safe, efficient management.