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n. pl. fest·schrif·ten (-shrĭf′tən) or fest·schrifts
A volume compiled as a tribute, especially to a scholar, consisting of articles or essays relating to the honoree's work or interests.

[German : Fest, festival; see fest + Schrift, writing (from Middle High German schrift, from Old High German scrift, from scrīban, to write, from Latin scrībere; see skrībh- in Indo-European roots).]


n, pl -schriften (-ˌʃrɪftən) or -schrifts
(Literary & Literary Critical Terms) a collection of essays or learned papers contributed by a number of people to honour an eminent scholar, esp a colleague
[German, from Fest celebration, feast + Schrift writing]



n., pl. -schrift•en (-ˌʃrɪf tən)
(often cap.) a volume of scholarly articles contributed by many authors to honor a senior colleague or teacher, usu. on the occasion of the honoree's birthday.
[1900–05; < German Fest festival + Schrift writing]


 a collection of writings forming a volume for presentation to a well-known scholar on the occasion of his attaining a certain age, pinnacle of his career, retirement, etc.


A German word meaning festival writing, used to mean a collection of essays written by various authors in honor of another author or scholar.
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Noun1.festschrift - a collection of writings published in honor of a scholar
memorial, remembrance, commemoration - a recognition of meritorious service
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Festschrifts are one of the enduring conventions of academic and scholarly life.
When festschrifts come as essay collections in honour of a living person, they often emphasize him/her as a person of distinction, and are presented to him/her to mark some special occasion, such as formal retirement from active service.
Liber Amicorum: Festschriften for Music Scholars and Nonmusicians is a bibliography of Festschrifts, a "festival of writings" that has drawn from the broad array and eclectic variety of existing Festschrifts from across two centuries.
As is the way of festschrifts, there is little unifying thread to this collection of eighteen essays "in intellectual history as well as art history, political theory, and cultural critique"--except, of course, admiration for the work and influence of Martin Jay.
But there are, in any event, comparatively few judicial festschrifts (3) in the common law world, which is perhaps surprising given the cult of judges in common law systems (as opposed to civilian systems of law, in which judges tend to be anonymous).
Unlike most Festschrifts, this, the second Festschrift to honor Lancaster, is a personalized tribute to his magnificence and his contributions in a number of areas that advanced the field of information science.
Festschrifts tend to be rarities in New Zealand letters.
Many festschrifts take on the responsibility of explaining themselves and their honorees.
The grave might then be topped off with unsold copies of festschrifts.
As with all festschrifts, some of these essays will be more durable than others.
It is to be hoped that RILM Abstracts will include this volume with other festschrifts and symposia, thereby bringing the individual chapters to scholars, attention.