fetal age

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Noun1.fetal age - the age of an embryo counting from the time of fertilization
age - how long something has existed; "it was replaced because of its age"
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It is now commonplace to read about evidence that, by 20 weeks fetal age and even earlier, an unborn child responds to many forms of stimuli, including music and the mother's voice.
The significant positive correlation between the lengths of the LCA and RCA with the fetal age indicated that there are significant changes in the development of the coronary vasculature with fetal heart development.
Considering the fetal age and the potential side effects of seizure on the child, cesarean delivery was given, and no relapse was noticed after delivery.
We recently acquired another imaging facility that was using another structured reporting product for its fetal age exams.
9-11 Therefore, it is possible that fetal biometric charts for one population may under or over estimate the fetal age for another population and this may lead to erratic gestational age calculations, and wrong diagnosis of large-for-gestational age fetus or intrauterine growth restriction.
Korean traditional Taegyo starts with the concept that education starts in fetal age.
The measurement of the placental thickness is an important parameter for estimation of fetal age along with other parameters especially in the late mid trimester and early third trimester, where the exact duration of pregnancy is not known and other sonographic parameters also become less reliable .
Results: No significant difference was found between the two groups for the fetal age, maternal weight gain (kilogram), estimated fetal weight gain (EFWG), fetal BPP, AFI, and umbilical artery S/D ratio.
Crown rump length has already been established as a highly valuable and trustworthy parameter in fetal age estimation by showing a significant correlation with gestational age.
When hydrocephalus was seen, an abortion was not legally available because of fetal age.
The effect of fetal age upon normal fetal laboratory values and venous pressure.
Fetal age assessment based on femur length at 10-25 weeks of gestation, and reference ranges for femur length to head circumference ratios.