fetal circulation

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Noun1.fetal circulation - the system of blood vessels and structures through which blood moves in a fetusfetal circulation - the system of blood vessels and structures through which blood moves in a fetus
cardiovascular system, circulatory system - the organs and tissues involved in circulating blood and lymph through the body
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The embryology section considers such topics as head and neck, cardiovascular system, genitourinary system, and placenta and fetal circulation.
Regarding different corticosteroids, prednisone and prednisolone have only a small proportion of active ingredients capable of passing the placenta and reach fetal circulation, and the therapeutic effects for fetus are not adequate to meet the expectation for clinical treatments.
Background: Doppler velocimetry studies of placental and fetal circulation can provide important information regarding fetal well-being providing an opportunity to improve fetal outcome.
Subsequent work using ivf and embryo replacement, established that fetal DNA could be detected in the maternal circulation as early as day 18 post-conception and concluded that the fetal DNA detected resulted from the trophoblast as the fetal circulation proper is not established until around day 28 post conception (60).
The use of Doppler ultrasound has been recently introduced for the study of fetal circulation and various vessels including the both uterine artery, umbilical artery, and middle cerebral artery (MCA).
Changes observed in Doppler studies of the fetal circulation in pregnancies complicated by pre-eclampsia or the delivery of a small-for-gestational age baby.
The first literary reference to persistent pulmonary hypertension (PH) of the newborn (PPHN) can be found in 1969 by Gersony et al, [1,2] who described it as persistence of physiologic characteristics of the fetal circulation in the absence of disease.
If there are CD3 positive T cells present in the screen-positive newborn, there is a possibility they could be maternal, because maternal T cells enter the fetal circulation during pregnancy and, if the fetus has SCID, he or she would not be able to reject the mother's T cells.
The maternal blood is released into the intervillous space and separated from the fetal circulation by the syncytiotrophoblast layer, some few cytotrophoblast cells, and the endothelial cell layer of the fetal capillaries, which are surrounded by stromal fibroblasts and fetal macrophages.
The hyperdynamic fetal circulation with subacute or moderate chronic anaemia has been mainly researched (and is now routinely used) in pregnancies with red cell isoimmunisation.
8) The minimal amount of it that reaches the fetal circulation is not enough to cause fibrinolytic effects in the fetus.
4 There are a few studies regarding the Doppler velocity waveforms after second trimester AC in order to investigate uteroplacental and fetal circulation.