fetal circulation

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Noun1.fetal circulation - the system of blood vessels and structures through which blood moves in a fetusfetal circulation - the system of blood vessels and structures through which blood moves in a fetus
cardiovascular system, circulatory system - the organs and tissues involved in circulating blood and lymph through the body
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It crosses the placenta into the fetal circulation and circulates indefinitely.
Obstetricians and gynecologists, anesthesiologists, neonatologists, maternal fetal medicine specialists, and other clinicians from North America, Israel, Australia, New Zealand, the UK, and South Africa examine aspects of fetal development, including maternal physiological adaptations to pregnancy, placental respiratory gas exchange, fetal circulation, fetal responses to hypoxia, and pharmacokinetics; fetal pharmacology; assessments of fetal outcome; and the impact of anesthetic interventions on the fetus and newborn, including anesthesia for cesarean delivery, analgesia for labor, the compromised fetus and mother (due to multiple pregnancy, preeclampsia, or fetal distress), trauma and resuscitation, and ethics and the law.
Pulmonary vasoconstriction, specifically the reversal or modulation of the pulmonary vasculature related to pulmonary hypertension and persistent fetal circulation among other causes, is getting a lot of attention in the learning circles of neonatal -pediatric respiratory therapists.
The transfer of substances and the amount that enters the fetal circulation are tightly controlled by at least four different mechanisms; simple diffusion, active transport, biotransformation through metabolic enzymes, and phagocytosis or pinocytosis (Syme et al.
During the latter part of pregnancy, the placenta produces large amounts of estrogen that enter the fetal circulation.
He covers the embryology and physiology of the fetal heart, fetal circulation, fetal congenital heart disease, equipment and anatomical landmarks of the fetal heart, echocardiographic views, and normal variants.
The rationale considers several potential mechanisms, the first two relate to lowering or even eliminating maternal antibody in the fetal circulation (maternal perspective): increased catabolism of maternal antibody and decreased placental transport of maternal antibody.
7) Embryologically, PFO is a remnant of fetal circulation.
These findings could reflect that maternal diabetes causes dysfunction of the fetal heart that precipitates primarily when the fetal circulation is under stress.
If the micrognathia in our patient 2 had been detected at the prenatal screening ultrasound, maternal fetal circulation or uroplacental circulation would have been used to establish the airway at birth.