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1. Worship of or belief in magical fetishes.
2. Excessive attachment or regard.
3. The deriving of sexual gratification from fantasies or acts involving a fetish.

fet′ish·ist n.
fet′ish·is′tic adj.
fet′ish·is′ti·cal·ly adv.


in a fetishistic manner
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I think fetishistically about the ways I might refine my own process into its most efficient form, a form that produces only the artefacts I can stand to look at, stand to reread; a process that leaves a tolerable number of lines and sentences sitting untouched, unfinished but maybe salvageable, under my metaphorical house.
In another moment, Aiman dwells fetishistically on the execution hood and, alarmingly, tries It on himself.
Rather than making arguments addressed to normal people, conservative leaders invoke limited government almost fetishistically, as if the words themselves possessed the power to convince.
In a 2013 advertisement for the eleventh annual Turkish Language Olympics, students, styled like life-size versions of the fetishistically multicultural automatons from Disneyland's "It's a Small World" ride, gather around a picnic table in a grassy field.
140) Ontologically, the effect is one of inversion: Self-representation is self-presentation; present action is consciously and explicitly informed by the future moment of reception (which is the very time and action that "the everyday" and "being present" function fetishistically to defer).
From the spartan Iron Curtain opening sequence to the Rococo explosion of production design that awaits in the Italian-set latter half, the film is as fetishistically detail-oriented as any Wes Anderson movie, and yet Ritchie engineers the experience to privilege the characters and action over their lavishly appointed environments.
In his zeal to document ways that members of the jazz community act like worshippers in a church, Whyton occasionally overreaches: "Iconic records encourage consumers to collect fetishistically in order to preserve the mysteries of jazz" (p.
Of course, they must put aside the fear of feminization in a profession that has always risked appearing effete, and in which the codes and flourishes of masculinity have long been fetishistically clung to.
AT THE BELCAMPO Meat Company in Larkspur, California, the primary merchandise is presented almost as fetishistically as the iPhones at an Apple store.
As in pornography there is no sense of care or emotion in promotions that simulate the death of fetishistically constrained women.
31) In the Cult of the Virgin, Mary's virginity became almost fetishistically central to the concept of Christian transcendence, an impossible ideal of purity that both embraced and rejected ordinary bodily processes.
104), yet I remember it was precisely the explicitness--the smelly sanitary pads, the unappealing bodies, the ungenerous thoughts, the rotted teeth--that most struck me as an adolescent reader of Frame's autobiography as/and fiction, and informed the details also made much of, sometimes fetishistically so, in Jane Campion's An Angel at My Table (1990), and in New Zealand literary criticism and mythology.