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The medical study and treatment of the fetus, especially within the uterus.

fe·tol′o·gist n.


the branch of medicine concerned with the fetus in the uterus


(fiˈtɒl ə dʒi)

a field of medicine involving the study, diagnosis, and treatment of the fetus.
fe•tol′o•gist, n.

fetology, foetology

the branch of medicine that studies fetuses. — fetologist, foetologist, n.
See also: Pregnancy
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Noun1.fetology - the branch of medicine concerned with the fetus in the uterus
midwifery, obstetrics, tocology, OB - the branch of medicine dealing with childbirth and care of the mother
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Seminars explaining the Abortion-Breast Cancer Link, the connection between Planned Parenthood and the eugenics movement, myths and realities of stem cell research, an outline of human fetology, post-abortion syndrome, and abortion law developments are just a few of the topics covered by experts on each subject.
Parental involvement legislation, fetology booklets, and pregnancy care centers have all had an enormous impact.
Without even realizing it, the viewer is receiving an education in fetology.