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n. pl. em·bry·op·a·thies
A developmental disorder in an embryo.
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Infection causes risk for miscarriage; in utero fetal death; fetopathy, including severe central nervous system or ocular malformations; and severe neurologic sequelae.
4%), and other forms of embryopathy and fetopathy [11-13].
Causes of Death in Cases of Unexpected Intrauterine Fetal Demise (IUFD) by Center (Ctr) (a) Cause of Death in Ctr 1 Ctr 2 Ctr 3 Unexpected IUFD Disseminated fetal infectionb 2 1 1 Diabetic fetopathy 1 Hydrops (immune and nonimmune) 1 2 Significant umbilical cord 6 4 2 abnormality/cord accident Severe placental pathology (c) 10 7 6 Massive fetomaternal 2 hemorrhage Severe maternal disease/ 1 uterine anomaly Undetermined 1 Total 23 14 10 Cause of Death in Ctr 4 Ctr 5 Total, Unexpected IUFD No.