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a. fetoplacental, rel. al feto y a la placenta.
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Abnormalities in maternal circulation (maternal vascular malperfusion) can lead to fetoplacental unit underperfusion and FVM.
Drawing on the results of these animal studies, Offenbacher and his co-investigators developed a series of clinical studies to test the hypothesis that periodontal infections, serving as reservoirs for gram-negative bacteria, might pose a potential threat to the fetoplacental unit.
Recent literature suggests that beyond placental angioarchitecture and transfusion unbalance, other factors such as renin-angiotensin system activation in the fetoplacental unit are involved in the pathophysiology of this condition (13).
Moreover, adipokines are constitutively expressed by the fetoplacental unit and are present in cord blood suggesting an involvement of these molecules in fetal development [9].
The aims and objectives of the present study includes (i) To detect any abnormalities in fetoplacental unit and fetal circulation in high risk pregnancies.
Induction of labor (IOL) is the artificial initiation of labor, before its spontaneous onset, for the purpose of delivery of the fetoplacental unit.
Glucocorticoids acted on fetoplacental unit to increase production of estradiol and [PGF.
Among estrogens, estriol, which is uniquely produced by the fetoplacental unit, predominates during pregnancy and is used as a diagnostic marker of fetal well-being (Mucci et al.
Distribution and effects of intravenous lead in the fetoplacental unit of the rat.
The mathematical and theoretical data was derived from the creation of a computer model of a fetoplacental unit.
These can all affect the mother, fetus and fetoplacental unit in general.
The relatively low oxygen environment in which the human fetoplacental unit develops during the first trimester is necessary to induce vasculoangiogenesis via embryonic endothelial cells proliferation, as these cells are sensitive to hypoxia and acidosis," Dr.