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a. fetotóxico-a, que puede toxificar al feto.
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Pathology and other studies have shown that ZIKV's congenital neurologic effects are clearly correlated with direct fetal infection and neurotropism of the virus, as opposed to placental insufficiency or fetotoxic placental immune response resulting from placental infection.
Elemental Hg inhaled can cross the placental barrier although significant fetotoxic or developmental effects have not been well studied in humans (ATSDR, 1999).
5,6 Limited animal studies have shown arsenic compounds to be fetotoxic and teratogenic.
Also, it is not recommended for women who are pregnant or trying to become pregnant, due to fetotoxic and abortifacient effects, based on animal studies.
The significant reduction in mass of the fetuses in the groups treated may indicate a possible fetotoxic effect [Lyra et al.
5,14) Inflammatory cell mediators TNFa and PGE2, which are produced locally in the oral cavity, can serve as a source of fetotoxic cytokines.
Aluminium, barium and mercury have potential for lethal and intoxicating effects, aluminium and mercury can cause chronic pathologies over time, mercury is carcinogenic for humans, cobalt can cause mutations, and aluminium is fetotoxic i.
Each entry describes the following: synonyms, brand names, and street names; pharmacologic classifications; availability and use patterns; available dosage forms and routes of administration; the mechanisms of action related to the drug; current approved indications for medical use; reasons for personal use; basic toxicology (including adverse drug reactions); teratogenic and fetotoxic potential; affects of maternal use on lactation and breast-fed infants; abuse potential; withdrawal symptoms; and overdosage.