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1. Of, relating to, or characteristic of feudalism.
2. Of or relating to lands held in fee or to the holding of such lands.

feu′dal·ly adv.


(Historical Terms) from a feudal point of view
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Adv.1.feudally - in a feudal manner; "a feudally organized society"
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The book focuses on the main branches of the Italian mafia -- Sicily's feudally allegiant Cosa Nostra, the complex 'Ndrangheta of Calabria, and the flamboyant and colorful Neapolitan Camorra -- with their collective involvement in drugs, prostitution, extortion, and various forms of commerce.
Under its original chairman, Maurice "Hank" Greenberg, AIG was run not merely hierarchically, but almost feudally, with reciprocal chains of loyalty and obligation centered on Greenberg.
Lamenting the passing of film (and the feudally inspired polity), Frank Prinzi of the American Society of Cinematographers (ASC) comments:
After all, the children at Ford's somewhat feudally named Hugh Joicey Church of England First School haven't topped the nation in his cherished SATs test results, nor produced the county's greatest number of Oxbridge students, nor even scooped the Duke of Edinburgh's bronze award for match-free fire starting.
Rich but isolated centers of refinement and culture, the castles contained lots of men but few women; to the lady of the castle the knight and squire may have felt themselves feudally inferior.
Extravagant furniture and feudally decorated walls form the perfect stage to present a special, unique specimen.
Sectarian jihadis, who are now transformed into 'Punjabi Taliban' through evolution, are concentrated in the economically backward and feudally dominated agrarian areas of Punjab.
Shi'ite parties include the more moderate Amal under Nabih Berri and the more radical Hezbollah (see below), former rivals but now at least temporarily allied; Druze are largely associated with the Progressive Socialist Party led by the leftist yet feudally based Jumblatt family, now somewhat tenuously aligned with the Futures Party.