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a. The part of a European newspaper devoted to light fiction, reviews, and articles of general entertainment.
b. An article appearing in such a section.
a. A novel published in installments.
b. A light, popular work of fiction.
3. A short literary essay or sketch.

[French, from feuillet, sheet of paper, little leaf, diminutive of feuille, leaf, from Old French foille, from Latin folium; see bhel- in Indo-European roots.]

feuil′le·ton′ism (-tôn′ĭz′əm, -tôN′nĭz′-) n.
feuil′le·ton′ist n.


(ˈfʊɪˌtɒn; French fœjtɔ̃)
1. (Journalism & Publishing) the part of a European newspaper carrying reviews, serialized fiction, etc
2. (Journalism & Publishing) such a review or article
[C19: from French, from feuillet sheet of paper, diminutive of feuille leaf, from Latin folium]
ˈfeuilletonism n
ˈfeuilletonist n
ˌfeuilletonˈistic adj


(ˈfɔɪ ɪ tn; Fr. fœyəˈtɔ̃)

n., pl. -tons (-tnz; Fr. -ˈtɔ̃)
1. a part of a European newspaper devoted to light literature, fiction, criticism, etc.
2. an item printed in the feuilleton.
[1835–45; < French]
feuil′le•ton•ism, n.
feuil′le•ton•ist, n.
feuil`le•ton•is′tic, adj.
References in classic literature ?
He called them his "petticoat gazettes," his "talking feuilletons.
You speak as if it were a feuilleton in the 'Figaro,' " observed the marquis.
Il compte a son actif plus de soixante-dix ouvrages dans differents styles litteraires (roman, conte pour enfants, articles de presse, pieces theatrales ainsi que des feuilletons radiophoniques).
Fatima Tihihite a egalement participe a plusieurs feuilletons diffuses sur la premiere et la deuxieme chaines marocaines.
His strength lies in shorter genres, in funny stories, sketches, and feuilletons.
Ce qui justifie le fait qu'elle n'apparaEt que dans les feuilletons de son pere Nour El Cherif.
Inwieweit Hanslick selbst versuchte, Langeweile aus dem Weg zu gehen, zeigt Strauss treffend mithilfe einer Paraphrase eines August Wilhelm Ambros'schen Zitats auf in welchem dieser bemerkt, dass Hanslick selbst das Medium des knappen, polemischen und ironischen Feuilletons bevorzuge, um seine Leser bei Laune zu halten.
The stories and feuilletons Musil half-humorously collected in this volume, divided among "Pictures," "Ill-Tempered Observations," "Unstorylike Stories," and one longer tale, "The Blackbird," amply display his considerable range and sophistication in a series of uncanny observations that remain always a step ahead of expectations.
In the age of Ritalin, a book such as this may no longer be possible: Shklovsky wrote these feuilletons over the three years following the October Revolution, publishing them in the small theater paper The Life of Art, where he was free to produce the fragmentary notes and aphorisms that have long been part of the Russian critical tradition.
Le decoupage textuel en prevision de la publication en feuilletons de Constance Verrier dans La Presse (21 decembre 1859-18 janvier 1860) avait en effet pour George Sand une incidence sur la reception critique qu'elle anticipait, comme elle le rappelle, par exemple, dans une lettre datee des 15 et 16 decembre 1859 a Emile Aucante, qui lui servait d'intermediaire aupres du directeur de La Presse, Charles-Edmond:
Guidebooks and feuilletons, usually ignored, are ennobled here as keys to parsing the diversity of life in the northern Russian metropolis.
Notable especially in these feuilletons are the numerous speech motives, little fragments of speech Janacek collected everywhere and notated as musical motives.