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A small hackney carriage.

[French, after the Hôtel de Saint Fiacre in Paris.]


(Automotive Engineering) a small four-wheeled horse-drawn carriage, usually with a folding roof
[C17: named after the Hotel de St Fiacre, Paris, where these vehicles were first hired out]


(Fr. ˈfya krə)

n., pl. fi•a•cres (Fr. ˈfya krə)
a small horse-drawn carriage.
[1690–1700; < French; after the Hotel de St. Fiacre]
References in classic literature ?
Most of the goods were sent on drays to the magazin, but our reputation having preceded us, we were honored with a fiacre, making the journey between the Douane and the shop on the knee of a confidential commissionaire.
Picardie = province of France, north of Evreux; barrieres = gates at the edge of Paris, where local customs duties were collected; magazin = shop; fiacre = a kind of carriage; Douane = customs house; confidential commissionaire = special messenger}
The fiacre stopped at the door of a celebrated perfumer, and the commissionaire, deeming us of too much value to be left on a carriage seat, took us in her hand while she negotiated a small affair with its mistress.
Finally, one day, an old fiacre stopped in front of the door and a nun stepped out.
That implacable brute Allegre followed them down ceremoniously and put my mother into the fiacre at the door with the greatest deference.
Having alighted from the diligence, a fiacre conveyed me to the Hotel de , where I had been advised by a fellow-traveller to put up; having eaten a traveller's supper, I retired to bed, and slept a traveller's sleep.
Carter fired off target and Fiacre Kelleher's header was easily gathered but Moors keeper Max O'Leary produced the best save of the first half when he denied Jake Connors from point-blank range.
THERE'S no secret to winning football matches, says Solihull Moors' Fiacre Kelleher.
Pilling claimed the resulting corner comfortably but the referee noticed a push on Fiacre Kelleher.
Rutherford then very nearly turned provider just after the break with an excellent ball into the box but, with Reid set for an easy tap-in, Fiacre Kelleher produced an excellent last-ditch challenge.
Wrexham ended the opening half on top, Reid seeing a cross-shot blocked for one of seven corners in the first half, before a Rutherford cross was just nicked away from a waiting Holroyd by Fiacre Kelleher.
Plunged into ecclesiastical gloom, the fainting woman in Alessandro Allori's The Miracles of St Fiacre (c.