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A small hackney carriage.

[French, after the Hôtel de Saint Fiacre in Paris.]


(Automotive Engineering) a small four-wheeled horse-drawn carriage, usually with a folding roof
[C17: named after the Hotel de St Fiacre, Paris, where these vehicles were first hired out]


(Fr. ˈfya krə)

n., pl. fi•a•cres (Fr. ˈfya krə)
a small horse-drawn carriage.
[1690–1700; < French; after the Hotel de St. Fiacre]
References in classic literature ?
Most of the goods were sent on drays to the magazin, but our reputation having preceded us, we were honored with a fiacre, making the journey between the Douane and the shop on the knee of a confidential commissionaire.
Picardie = province of France, north of Evreux; barrieres = gates at the edge of Paris, where local customs duties were collected; magazin = shop; fiacre = a kind of carriage; Douane = customs house; confidential commissionaire = special messenger}
The fiacre stopped at the door of a celebrated perfumer, and the commissionaire, deeming us of too much value to be left on a carriage seat, took us in her hand while she negotiated a small affair with its mistress.
Finally, one day, an old fiacre stopped in front of the door and a nun stepped out.
That implacable brute Allegre followed them down ceremoniously and put my mother into the fiacre at the door with the greatest deference.
Having alighted from the diligence, a fiacre conveyed me to the Hotel de , where I had been advised by a fellow-traveller to put up; having eaten a traveller's supper, I retired to bed, and slept a traveller's sleep.
the project breaks down as follows: - fiacres duverger islets, Whose project management is provided by the baua / sp2i group, In which will develop: - 17 new homes on 1-3 rue des fiacres, - 9 homes rehabilitated on 5 rue des fiacres.
El cronista se aposta en uno de estos establecimientos para tomar un coctel y es testigo de un fenomeno que reprueba: el ir y venir de fiacres desde cuyas ventanas aparecen las cabezas despeinadas de "esas damas que por haber perdido la virtud la van como buscando por todas partes" (33).
Where have the glittering picture frames gone from these pages, the violent-painted fiacres, the flowers that wither in their vases?
Histoire anecdotique et pittoresque des chars, carrosses et voitures de luxe, fiacres et omnibus, postes messageries, diligences et chemins de fer, Paris, A.
un sergent de ville, de la ils parlent] politique [puis] une noce, fiacres.
Fargue, Dans les rues de Paris au temps des fiacres (Paris, 1950), 138.