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fiber optics

n. (used with sing. verb)
1. The science or technology of light transmission through very fine, flexible glass or plastic fibers.
2. A cable or network of cables containing optical fibers.

fi′ber-op′tic, fi′ber·op′tic (fī′bər-ŏp′tĭk) adj.
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Adj.1.fiber-optic - of or relating to fiber optics
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MOST fiber-optic networking provides the infrastructure for exchanging audio, video, data and control information between entertainment and information devices within a car without the need for bulky copper wiring harnesses.
With data acquisition rates exceeding 5 million points per second, the OBR provides extremely fast and accurate plug-and-play inspection, qualification, verification and failure analysis of a wide variety of fiber-optic components and modules.
The new product offerings include a 10 Gigabit-per-second (Gbps) transponder, a microwave fiber-optic transceiver, and custom designs of components such as modules, line cards, shelves, and rack-level equipment that incorporate fiber-optic and communications technologies developed by Harris.
Sabeus has applied its unique and proprietary fiber-optic expertise in producing the first production systems that promise to attain this difficult goal.
This significant milestone enables CSTI to now penetrate the fiber-optic market which is growing exponentially.
With the addition of Seiko Instruments fiber-optic products, the expanded product offering will further solidify the relationship between the two companies, as well as strengthen All American's position as a full-service distributor offering a comprehensive selection of these types of devices throughout its 36 North American locations.
Equitech is a developer of a next generation fiber-optic product line which includes: the Equispec (TM) Film Thickness Analyzer, Color Analyzer and Chemical Process Analyzer; the Millennium 3 Spectrometer; and a complete line of fiber-optic probes.