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Noun1.fibreoptics - the transmission of light signals via glass fibers
transmission - communication by means of transmitted signals
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Despite the appeal of combining the viewing capability of fibreoptics with the familiar handling of a stylet, the technology, which has been available for over 25 years, has not been widely adopted for the management of either normal or difficult airways (3).
The toys - including bubble tubes, fibreoptics, mirrors, UV lights, a projector, an activity board and a supportive bean-bag seat - aim to get Lauren working her muscles, which are wasted by her disease.
Draka has worked on its approach with Diamond, a Swiss-based precision-manufacturing fibreoptics specialist that fabricates the connector base which slips over the cable end before air jetting.
However no further work was done until 1954, when Hopkins, Kapany and Van Heel independently published work on fibreoptics (Hirschowitz 1988).
The accident cracked the stone and damaged the delicate fibreoptics which light up the spray.
The Heby broadband network will combine fibreoptics and ADSL and will be provider neutral, Skanova said.
A MULTI-MILLION pound centre of excellence is to be set up to firmly establish Wales at the global forefront of the fibreoptics and laser industries.
The bill - backed by state attorneys general, a number of professional sports organisations, and regulated gambling operations - would extend the current ban on using the telephone system for gambling to ensure that it covered the internet and other technological advances such as satellite and fibreoptics communications.
A detachable liquid crystal display LMA CTrach[TM] viewer enables viewing of the larynx and the process of endotracheal intubation through the airway using fibreoptics.
The fountain was damaged when a Severn Trent Water van reversed over it, cracking the stone and damaging the delicate fibreoptics which light up the spray.
Carver was the founder and President of FibreOptics International of Seattle, Washington.
Some technical information on fibreoptics and video-endoscopy is factually incorrect, and an illustration of the local flavour of the chapter content is the virtual dismissal of intravenous induction as a legitimate approach to paediatric anaesthesia.