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(ˌfaɪ broʊˌæd nˈoʊ mə)

n., pl. -mas, -ma•ta (-mə tə)
a benign tumor originating from glandular tissue.
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Noun1.fibroadenoma - benign and movable and firm and not tender tumor of the breast; common in young women and caused by high levels of estrogen
adenoma - a benign epithelial tumor of glandular origin


n. fibroadenoma, tumor benigno formado por tejido fibroso y glandular.


n fibroadenoma m
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Because cystosarcoma phyllodes of the breast often has no indirect signs of breast malignancy, it is often misdiagnosed as breast fibroadenoma or giant fibroadenoma.
Initial mammogram and ultrasound findings were consistent with a benign calcified fibroadenoma.
2] These include all non-malignant conditions like fibroadenoma, fibrocystic disease, mastalgia, mammary duct ectasia, sclerosing adenosis, lactational adenoma, benign phyllodes tumour, intraductal papilloma, fibrous disease, blunt duct adenosis, calcification, breast abscess, lactational mastitis, puerperal mastitis, granulomatous lobular mastitis, fat necrosis, tuberculous mastitis, galactocele, gynaecomastia and lipoma.
After much consideration, I decided having the larger fibroadenoma removed was in my best interest.
In our study, we measured the widest point of these two vessels using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), in cases diagnosed with breast cancer or fibroadenoma by biopsy and compared with the vessel diameters of contralateral breast without lesions.
These rare breast lesions are fibromatosis, idiopathic granulomatous mastitis, tubular adenoma, diabetic mastopathy, invasive micropapillary carcinoma, osteoclastic giant cell breast carcinoma, malignant phyllodes tumor, carcinoma arising in fibroadenoma, metastasis, and metaplastic carcinoma.
El cirujano plastico se baso en el analisis de otros cuadros de Rubens para sugerir que la modelo (Judith) probablemente tenia una masa benigna del pecho como un fibroadenoma gigante o un quiste, segun refiere Olena.
Histological findings observed in the current case are similar to those of a mammary fibroadenoma, which is a frequent neoplasm in young rats and women and has also been reported in a heifer (THIBAULT et al.
Breast fibroadenoma are a common finding in young women and account for the majority of benign breast lumps.
Abu Lughod said she has already lost one year of her treatment after she was misdiagnosed with fibroadenoma, a benign growth in the breast, which later worsened her lump and caused it to grow bigger in size.
54 mm retroareolar a las 9 del reloj, vascularizada, con indices de resistencia baja correspondiente a fibroadenoma.