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a. fibroadiposo, constituido por tejido fibroso y adiposo.
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A CT-guided core biopsy of the adrenal lesion showed inconclusive pathohistologic findings, including fragments of fibroadipose tissue, inflammatory cells, and hemorrhage.
In the post-surgical histological examination of this structure, extrasynovial osteochondroma was reported in the IFP since the well-differentiated osteocartilaginous tissue was surrounded by fibroadipose tissue and contained hemosiderin pigments.
The internal nasal valve area is a space bounded medially by the septum and superiorly and laterally by the caudal margin of the upper lateral cartilages and its fibroadipose attachments to the piriform aperture and the anterior end of the inferior turbinate.
Then we proceeded for a Tru-cut biopsy, which was reported as predominantly fibroadipose tissue showing moderate mixed acute on chronic inflammation.
Thyroglobulin in orbital tissues from patients with thyroid-associated ophthalmopathy: predominant localization in fibroadipose tissue.
There is in particular a marked increase in fibroadipose tissue.
Pericardial biopsy revealed mesothelium-lined fibroadipose tissue and acute inflammatory cells without diagnostic tumor infiltration.
Within the core of the lesion were cartilage and surrounding fibroadipose tissue consistent with an accessory tragus (figure 2).
Subcutaneous panniculitis-like T-cell lymphoma is a lymphoma derived from mature cytotoxic T cells that involves only subcutaneous fibroadipose tissue, resembling panniculitis.
The histopathology result of the specimen revealed fibroadipose tissue.
A mediastinoscopy revealed an invasive thymoma, lymphocyte-rich type, with evidence of focal invasion into fibroadipose tissue and skeletal muscle and extension to the pleural surface, leading to the diagnosis of a stage IV thymoma.