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Adj.1.fibrocartilaginous - of or relating to fibrocartilage
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The knee meniscus is predominantly a fibrocartilaginous structure reinforced by highly ordered collagen fibers in a complex orientation.
We noticed a structure that was thicker than the fibrocartilaginous annulus of the tympanic membrane and which was mobilized with the mobilization of the chorda tympani.
fibrocartilaginous versus fibrous) also affects the presence and development of skeletal markers (Henderson and Alves Cardoso 2013; Villotte et al.
The acetabular labrum is a triangular fibrocartilaginous structure that forms a horseshoe-shaped attachment to the acetabular rim, which connects the acetabulum to the underlying transverse acetabular ligament [Figure 1]a.
Radiographs showed a fibrocartilaginous calcaneo-navicular coalition in both feet, more clearly on the right side (Fig.
The sesamoid bone forms as the result of ossification of a fibrocartilaginous thickening within the peroneus longus tendon as it courses through the cuboid notch, which serves to protect the tendon from shear forces.
Focal fibrocartilaginous dysplasia in the ulna: report on 3 cases.
Meniscus is a fibrocartilaginous structure that cushions the joint surface of the knee," he explained.
X-rays and CT showed a fibrocartilaginous coalition of the calcaneonavicular joint along with partial osseous fusion of the naviculocuneiform (Chopart's joint) and medial cuneiform-first metatarsal joints (Figs.
However, according to human cadaver studies, the frequency of the fabella is higher, up to 66% [2], due to the fact that purely fibrocartilaginous fabellae are invisible at radiography.
Otospongiosis commonly begins at the fissula antefenestrum, a cleft of fibrocartilaginous tissue just anterior to the oval window.