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Adj.1.fibrocartilaginous - of or relating to fibrocartilage
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Otospongiosis commonly begins at the fissula antefenestrum, a cleft of fibrocartilaginous tissue just anterior to the oval window.
At 6 weeks after graft implantation, all ulna defects were healed with fibrocartilaginous union.
33) The surgical technique consisted of open curettage of the fibrocartilaginous disc and hyaline endplates with drilling of the subchondral bony bed until bleeding bone was visible.
He was referred to a spinal specialist who told Gemma he had suffered a fibrocartilaginous embolism - a blocked blood vessel in the spinal cord usually caused when a dogs lands awkwardly.
The glenoid labrum consists of a ring of dense collagenous tissue fibres with fibrocartilaginous tissue in the peripheral attachment area (Prescher 2000).
During this phase, Hoffa's disease causes transformation of fibrocartilaginous tissue and ossification of degenerative IFP tissue (imitating soft tissue chondroma).
Frozen-section histologic examination identified the biopsy specimen as a low-grade fibrocartilaginous neoplasm consistent with a CMF (figure 2).
After grafting to the femur head, the mesenchymal cells of the membranous bone of the skull are able to change to the articular cartilage with hyaline nature, and this hyaline cartilage can bear the mechanical stresses of weight better than fibrocartilaginous and also does not degenerate under stress.
As a result, an intratendinous, fibrocartilaginous thickening or sesamoid (os peroneum) forms at the cuboid notch to shield the peroneus longus from the increased force at this location (Coughlin, 1999; Sammarco, 1994).
Chang and her colleagues offered a hypothesis: fibrocartilaginous embolization.
RONNIE'S condition, known as fibrocartilaginous embolism or FE, is extremely rare in humans.
The menisci are paired, semi-lunar, fibrocartilaginous structures situated between the femoral condyles and tibial plateaus.