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a. fibroadiposo, constituido por tejido fibroso y adiposo.
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As a result, his penile arteries were atherosclerosed (artery wall thickened as a result of invasion and accumulation of white blood cells and proliferation of intimal-smooth-muscle cell creating an fibrofatty plaque) preventing engorgement.
As breast development continues the fibrofatty and glandular tissues increase.
This sub-study included 331 patients enrolled in the GLAGOV trial and explored whether Repatha produced changes in individual plaque components (dense calcium, fibrous, fibrofatty, necrotic core) compared to placebo using virtual histology.
ARVC is a genetic form of cardiomyopathy characterized by fibrofatty replacement of predominantly right ventricular (RV) myocardium and is one of the leading causes of sudden unexpected cardiac death in young, apparently healthy individuals.
Among the potential mechanisms responsible for abnormalities in cardiac sympathetic innervation and reduced HRV, such changes may be due to the following: myocardial degeneration and fibrofatty infiltration beginning in the subepicardium and damaging sympathetic nervous fibers located on the same site (WICHTER et al.
Overall, the lesions had involuted by kindergarten age in 70% of the study participants but persisted in 30%, and most of the children with involution showed residual skin changes such as telangiectasia (14 children), fibrofatty tissue (11 children), and scarring (9 children).
This is followed by formation of the fibro-fatty plaque, where monocyte-derived macrophages consume lipoproteins and transform into foam cells, forming the core of fibrofatty plaques.
Compact osteomas consist of dense, compact bone with a few marrow spaces, while cancellous osteoma is characterized by bony trabeculae and a fibrofatty marrow enclosing osteoblasts which resembles mature bone.
Computed tomography showed huge polylobulated fibrofatty mass in the left hemiscrotum that was compatible with liposarcoma.
Main pathological hallmarks of ARVD are progressive fibrofatty replacement of cardiomyocytes with increased cardiomyocyte apoptosis.
The other end of the cyst was connected by a segment of fibrofatty tissue to the bladder mucosa.
As a result, there is detachment of cells with subsequent necrosis, inflammation, and fibrofatty replacement.