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At the base of the tumor an invasive component may be present that is typically composed of elongated interanastomosing glands separated by fibromatous stroma.
Apart from the tumors affecting the toe, benign fibromatous swellings may involve the foot independent of the toe nails and the sole.
Anatomo-pathologically, they are classified in fibromatous epuli, peripheral odontogenic fibroma (ossifying epuli) and peripheral ameloblastoma (acanthomatous epuli) (Baba and Catoi, 2007).
A rapid (albeit very temporary) relief of the pain when subsequently palpating the area that originally hurt, is suggestive of having found the fibromatous mass and also that either its surgical excision or its percutaneous infiltration with a suitable corticosteroid may improve matters.
Four cases of filarial epididymitis, two cases each of non-specific granulomatous epididymitis and fibromatous periorchitis [Figure 1d] and one case of mesothelial cyst were reported.
6) Jones and colleagues, who studied a series of 9 cases, proposed further categorizing benign fibromatous testicular and paratesticular lesions into fibromas of testicular tunics or of gonadal stromal origin, angiomyofibroblastomas and fibroblastic/myofibroblastic pseudotumours.
7% cases depicted fibromatous growth which was excised under local anaesthesia and sent for biopsy.