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1. Having, consisting of, or resembling fibers.
2. Full of sinews; tough.

fi′brous·ly adv.
fi′brous·ness n.
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Noun1.fibrousness - the quality of being fibrous
quality - an essential and distinguishing attribute of something or someone; "the quality of mercy is not strained"--Shakespeare


[ˈfaɪbrəsnɪs] nfibrosità
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The heart of palm extracted from peach palm has a sweetish taste, is slightly yellowish in color, has good palatability, a doughy texture, low fibrousness, and does not show post cut darkening by oxidative enzymes, as noted in heart of palm extracted from jucara and acai, which contributes to its commercialization as a minimally processed product (Kapp, Pinheiro, Silva Raupp, & Chaimsohn, 2003).
The judges ranked the attributes of the samples in ascending order: color (less orange/ more orange), size (smaller/larger), peel texture (less smooth/smoother), fruit firmness (less firm/firmer), ease of peeling (difficult/easy), aroma (weak/strong), flavor (less sweet/sweeter), fibrousness (less fibrous/ more fibrous), number of seeds (fewer seeds/more seeds), and preference (liked less/liked more).
Samples were evaluated in the sequence that they were arranged on the plate, according to the following attributes: color intensity, characteristic odor, fat and strange flavor, regarding flavor: characteristic, strange and residual flavor, hardness, juiciness, fibrousness and overall acceptance.
Consumers perceived that color, size, springiness, chicken aroma, fatty/oily taste, sweetness, visible fact, tenderness, and fibrousness were influenced perception towards chicken meat quality.
1970), fasting (Welch and Smith, 1968), forage intake (Welch and Smith, 1969a), forage quality (Welch and Smith, 1969b), forage maturity (Lippke, 1980), particle size (Yang and Beauchemin, 2009) and fibrousness characteristics (Balch, 1971).
There are a number of physiologic processes that put older adults at an increased risk for developing UI, including increased fibrousness of the bladder and decreased autonomic innervation (Tabloski, 2006).
This group evaluated color, crunchiness, sweetness, fibrousness, blandness and overall preference of the 18 different carrot types grown using NFT and MTMS.