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One who writes fiction, especially a prolific creator of commercial or pulp fiction.


(ˌfɪk ʃəˈnɪər)

a writer of fiction, esp. a prolific writer of mediocre works.
fic`tion•eer′ing, n.
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Regarding Coetzee's own thoughts on fictioneering in Summertime, Mr Vincent, the interviewer, explains to Mme Denoel, Sophie:
Coetzee's fictioneering wants to suggest access to the same space (where "truth" regarding selfhood resides), albeit through what is presented as voluntary memory, governed by the habitual, but which is wrenched out of the habitual through its relation to fiction.
Coetzee's autography, his fictioneering, however, is always so masterful that we can surely apply Foucault's (1984:102) observation to it.
This is a suspension which amounts to an example of fictioneering written from the standpoint of the actual, public Coetzee's framing narrative.
A character pronounces on an author, indeed, but in the truth-revealing mode of confessional fictioneering.
Coetzee, thus, doubly underlines this "principle of thrift in the proliferation of meaning" attached to the author by fictioneering with regard to himself.
But again we are warned of the "double thoughts" of confession as well as the intentionality, the fictioneering, of all writerly material, whether diaries, letters, notebooks, autobiographies or biographies.
Stars of the lecture hall, such as John Guy and Diarmaid MacCulloch, were as much in evidence as fictioneering celebrities--Tracy Chevalier (whose evocative Girl With a Pearl Earring is now winning plaudits on the big screen) and Louis de Bernieres.
What the biographer's relentless pursuit of this collective fictioneering denies to his subject, perhaps, is any claim ever to be importantly earnest.